I Need Your Help


Hey Guys, I will be doing an expert life coaching segment on a popular radio show starting on January 5th and I am looking for questions that you want answered. So, what life questions are you looking answers to. It can be Career, Relationship, Family or Finance. What ever you are struggling with and need some answers to. You can leave your answers in the comment section or you can  send them to my email address: kimsebrooks@yahoo.com.




  1. A lot of moms have teens at home (who need a lot of attention and care despite the fact they think they’re grown already) AND also are talking care of elderly parents. It is rewarding, but it is also tough and emotionally draining…especially for working moms (which is most of us). A few words on the subject would touch a lot of women.

  2. Congrats on this gig. I’m moving into the direction of intuitive life coaching too. Question that comes up: How do you know when you are helping someone through motivational coaching or when you are not honoring their own process?

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    Hey guys, I need some questions that you may be looking for answers for or someone you know that may be looking for some answers to some critical life questions.

  4. Chibueze Victor Udemba says:

    Most student after graduating from the universities they send their resume to different companies and organizations, at the end, they found out they lost the job or internship because it requires 3 or 5 years experience. My question is this, how can students with no working experience cope with such situations? This is something bothering me.

    • Well in that case, I would look into a entry level position. The entry level position will help you can gain the experience that you need for the jobs that require more years of experience. Entry level does not require experience and it will give you the work experience that you need to someday get the higher paying positions.

  5. Chibueze Victor Udemba says:

    Nice, but this is not as easy do get, because now in Europe we can see their is a global crisis, people are being sacked, competitions are getting stronger. Well thanks for helping me, i appreciate and will do as told.

  6. Ii see my friends who would like for their grown children to leave home, but they always come up with excuses (parents and children) why they should stay. Give parents hints on how to tell the children it is time to leave the nest.

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