Women’s News: There’s A Shockingly Simple Way To Fix The Gender Pay Gap

The Davos World Economic Forum 2014

By Julian Berman

One woman has a novel idea for closing the pay gap between men and women: Make it easier for people to take some time off without the world ending.

If companies make it easier for workers to share information and skills, then those workers will be able to seamlessly sub for colleagues who need maternity leave or to skip out early for a dance recital, suggests Harvard economist Claudia Goldin. That could address one of the main causes of women getting paid less than men over the long run.

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Women’s News: Job Tenure Is More Stable For Women Than Men, Study Finds


By: Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor Published: 02/10/2014 06:04 AM EST

While men are quicker to change employers today than they were 30 years ago, women stick with their jobs for significantly longer than they used to, new research shows.

A study published in the February issue of the American Sociological Review showed that overall average job tenure, the number of years working for the same employer, has been surprisingly stable since 1983. However, the results differ by gender and marital status. Specifically, men and never-married women have seen declines in job tenure, while job stability has increased sharply for married women.

Hey Everybody, I would love to hear your opinion about this story. I think this is very interesting and I want to know if you guys believe this is true because I am not sure.

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Inspirational Quote Of The Day


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