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My Friend: Eula M. Guest

Are You Proactive or Reactive What running a business and the year 2013 has taught me is I don’t always have control over situations that come up in my life, but what I do have control over is how I am going to handle tough situations.  What I am most proud of and what I […]

Women’s Health: Texas Senate Holds Hearing To Congratulate Itself On Women’s Health ‘Achievements’

Laura Bassett As the Texas state Senate held a hearing Thursday to tout its “legislative achievements” in women’s health care, women’s health advocates sought to remind voters of the more than 70 family planning clinics and 12 abortion clinics in the state that the legislature has forced to close in recent years. “It’s laughable that […]

Inspiration Of Motherhood: 4 ‘Dangerous’ Yet Crucial Things Every Parent Should Encourage

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D. Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this post. I am a psychologist who works with adults, who are often very high achievers. So when I am asked if I see children in my practice, my routine tongue-in-cheek quip is, “only those in adult bodies.” More seriously, I’ve seen an extremely […]

Women’s News: National Women’s Political Caucus is asking why Santa Clara County has so few women in elected office

By Carol Rosen, Correspondent When Charlotte Powers sat on San Jose’s city council, that body included eight women and three men, as well as women filling the positions of city manager and city attorney. This year only two women sit on the council, and one of them will be termed out at the end of […]

Inspiration Of Style: Maternity Clothes Are Actually Some Of The Most Stylish Clothes

The Huffington Post  |  By Michelle Persad It is a common misconception that maternity clothes used to be… well, awful. People think that once upon a time pregnant women only wore oversized shirts, shapeless dresses and not much else. And while those items were constantly in the maternity repertoire, pregnancy clothes have actually always been stylish. Looking […]

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Inspirational Quote Of The Day

Inspirational Quote Of The Day

Women’s News: The Age Your Fertility Really Begins To Decline — And Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out

The nation’s obstetricians and gynecologists have once again publicly underscored the role that age plays in women’s fertility. In a revised opinion released Wednesday, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists emphasized that women’s ability to have babies declines gradually “but significantly” beginning around age 32, then more rapidly after age 37. Read More:

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Women’s News: Dear Susan Patton, Single Women Don’t Need Your ‘Straight Talk’

Emma Gray Senior Editor, HuffPost Women It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m single, I’m a college graduate, I’m 26 and I’ve spent the last four years tirelessly working to advance my career as an editor. According to “Princeton Mom,” Susan Patton, tonight I’ll probably be crying into my Seamless-ordered sushi and tomorrow I need to buck up […]