Women’s News: The 7 Things I Wish I Knew At 16


Sarah Klegman

Writer, Digital Manager (Social Media)

I’m you from the future. We’re 26, but we still don’t feel like a grown up. Our boobs have come in, we’ve been in love with someone who loves us back, and once in a terrible blue moon, someone will call us “ma’am.” Even though we still freak out every time we meet a cute guy, we’re smarter than we get credit for.

There’s a lot left to learn, but here are the seven things I wish I had known:

1. You are not as gross looking as you think you are. Just take my word on this. Your body is still new. Those hips, that belly, those thighs. People grow at different paces, so you can’t compare yourself to the stick-thin kid that sits in front of you and has perfect hair. Go a full week without staring at your naked body in the mirror — FOR REAL — and see what happens.

Read More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-klegman/the-7-things-i-wish-i-kne_b_4812816.html?utm_hp_ref=women&ir=Women?utm_hp_ref=women&ir=Women

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