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Women’s News: 5 Friends Every Woman Should Have


Raluca State

Friendships evolve a lot over time. People’s lives take different routes, our tastes change, our priorities shift, our personal morals and values become deeply rooted and we end up more passionate about them than we may have been in the past. But there are a few key friendships that every woman should have. The ones that will lift her up and help her fall and be there for a laugh when nothing else seems to work. They may evolve and you may see different people step into each role for a different chapter of your life… but as long as they are there, in some context, they will help you write a truly memorable story:

1. The male friend. The guy you have no interest in sleeping with. The guy you have never had any interest in sleeping with. The platonic male friend. He’s out there. Mine curbs my crazy, gives me much-needed perspective into my husband’s mind when I need it (and I like to hope I offer the same in return on his wife’s behalf) and offers a point of view on life and all its troubles that my girlfriends simply can’t offer up. One that is typically a little less stressed, a little more positive and certainly simplified.

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