Women’s News: Dear Susan Patton, Single Women Don’t Need Your ‘Straight Talk’


Emma Gray

Senior Editor, HuffPost Women

It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m single, I’m a college graduate, I’m 26 and I’ve spent the last four years tirelessly working to advance my career as an editor. According to “Princeton Mom,” Susan Patton, tonight I’ll probably be crying into my Seamless-ordered sushi and tomorrow I need to buck up and find a damn husband.

On behalf of the vast majority of single women that I know — who are, as Patton so quaintly put it, “not getting any younger” — I’d like to tell her: “Thanks, but no thanks.” Your so-called “straight talk” isn’t doing those in your target demographic any favors.

Read More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/emma-gray/susan-patton-single-women-straight-talk-valentines-day_b_4789605.html?utm_hp_ref=women&ir=Women


  1. I am fifty eight years old… I have burned my bra in protest for women’s equality please tell me that in 2014 there is more to life for any woman than marriage and babies… we are human beings we need to talk about making the world around us a better place… if we do that as mothers, wives, editors, doctors, nurses..scientists etc who cares ? as long as we do it!Stop picking on each other and get together to do something for the greater good!

  2. Thank you!


  1. […] from writing that in the Princeton alumni magazine to writing in the Wall Street Journal (h/t ladyrompp). Roy Edroso throws in some snark. Oh, in case you’re wondering, Patton knows that if you […]

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