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Women’s News: 5 Friends Every Woman Should Have


Raluca State

Friendships evolve a lot over time. People’s lives take different routes, our tastes change, our priorities shift, our personal morals and values become deeply rooted and we end up more passionate about them than we may have been in the past. But there are a few key friendships that every woman should have. The ones that will lift her up and help her fall and be there for a laugh when nothing else seems to work. They may evolve and you may see different people step into each role for a different chapter of your life… but as long as they are there, in some context, they will help you write a truly memorable story:

1. The male friend. The guy you have no interest in sleeping with. The guy you have never had any interest in sleeping with. The platonic male friend. He’s out there. Mine curbs my crazy, gives me much-needed perspective into my husband’s mind when I need it (and I like to hope I offer the same in return on his wife’s behalf) and offers a point of view on life and all its troubles that my girlfriends simply can’t offer up. One that is typically a little less stressed, a little more positive and certainly simplified.

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Inspirational Quote Of The Day


Women’s News: 9 Things To Put On Your Happiness To-Do List


Jen Giantz

Author (All My Friends are Engaged) & Blogger (The Things I Learned From)

“I heard a definition once. Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I’d invented it, because it is very true.” –Audrey Hepburn

1. Hug more people because you absolutely adore them, and since time changes everything, make sure to hug them now — make sure to hug them more often. It’s a universally free way to tell them that you care. That you’re sorry; that your heart aches and craves and desires them. Hug them because it’s Wednesday. Because you don’t want to say goodbye. Because after three months of silence, you finally have the courage to forgive them. Hug them for no reason at all.

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Women’s Health: Texas Senate Holds Hearing To Congratulate Itself On Women’s Health ‘Achievements’

Supreme Court-Texas Abortion Restrictions

Laura Bassett

As the Texas state Senate held a hearing Thursday to tout its “legislative achievements” in women’s health care, women’s health advocates sought to remind voters of the more than 70 family planning clinics and 12 abortion clinics in the state that the legislature has forced to close in recent years.

“It’s laughable that the same politicians that have devastated Texas women’s access to health care — cancer screenings, birth control, and safe, legal abortion — are now touting their so-called achievements in women’s health,” Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, told The Huffington Post in an email. “If that’s what they call help for Texas women, we’ve had quite enough of it.”

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Women’s News: 40 Odd Things Things I’ve Learned In 40 Odd Years


Cara Paiuk

Author, mother, and entrepreneur

Celebrate your inner quirkiness! Don’t apologize for who you are. People respect authenticity and it’s OK if you’re an acquired taste.

  • Dream big and live every day as if it is your last. Don’t postpone joy or bother with regrets.


  • When thinking about having a child, buying a home or going on a dream vacation, it will never seem like it’s the right time or you have enough money. You just have to take the leap and do it!


  • Find activities you enjoy doing with your partner. It will get you through tough times, not in the mood times, postpartum times and more.

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