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Inspirational Woman Of The Day: Eula M. Guest



Eula M. Guest, COO

Eula M. Guest, daughter of the late John D. Young & Mrs. Gertrude Young, was raised in the south Bronx, New York, and graduated from William Howard Taft High School with an Academic Diploma.  Ms. Guest graduated in 2005 with her Bachelors in Business Administration from Metropolitan College of New York, and completed business courses at the Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO) class of 2009. Eula M. Guest lives with her husband and partner Derrick M. Guest and their daughter Shassee.  She has two daughters from a pervious marriage Monique Taylor and Sasha Lenore.

Ms. Guest has developed a sharp eye for business as the Chief Operating Officer & co-owner of Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. She is the social media and on-line marketing expert at Griot’s Roll a video marketing and video consulting company.  Ms. Guest was the Publicist for the off Broadway Play “Choices” a production produced by The Negro Ensemble Company this started Ms. Guest on her public relations journey. 

Ms. Guest was interviewed for The Wall Street Journal – Kitting Up for Next Disaster (November 2012), The New York Times (September 2012) featured education article entitled: “School Choice Is No Cure-All Harlem Finds”, Appears in an Article in Women’s Elevation Magazine entitled: “Eula M. Young: A Fresh Lens For a Generation” (August 2012), Ms. Guest was voted one of the top uptown women entrepreneurs for women’s history month featured in the Harlem News two years in a row (April 2013, 2012).  She has appeared in The Manhattan Times, Amsterdam News, Black Enterprise Magazine (May 2009) featuring article, “Learn Cost Effective Ways to run their Business in These Hard Economic Times.”

In 2011 Ms. Guest was interviewed for a book entitled: Mogul Mom – How to Quit Your Job, Start Your Own Business, and Join the Work-at-Home Revolution. As one of the 250 winners of the 2011 British Airways Face of Opportunity Video Contest, she and her partner was flown to London, England as part of the British Airways Face of Opportunity 2 day Business Conference (February 2011).  Ms. Guest was one of the 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs in SistaSense Black Business Women On-line (July 2011).

Ms. Guest was the workshop facilitators entitled: Building Social Capital for the 2014 Onward Winter Conference for college freshmen and sophomores.  Presenter for W.E.S.T. (Women of Excellence, Strength and Tenacity) 2013 Symposium panel discussion entitled: “The Significance of Professional Relationships: Your Fortune is in Your Follow-Up and Follow Through”, (June 2013), Guest Presenter for the Falu Foundation 25th Anniversary Economic Development Job Creation Event – Workshop entitled: “Branding and On-line Video Marketing” (August 2013). Guest Presenter for Real Sisters Rising 10th Anniversary Conference Rise To Power – Workshop entitled: E-mail Marketing Strategies” (November 2013), Guest panelists for The Phenomenal Women Group Inc. at Medgar Evers College on “Women, Gender & Media”, Black Data Processing Associates New York – 2012, 2010 Black Family Technology Awareness Week Panel Discussion entitled “Cost Effective Solutions for Black Business Owners” (February 2012),  On MSNBC Education Nation – New York Summit – Student Town Hall, moderated by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry as part of “The Melissa Harris-Perry Show” (September 2012), Presenter for the Girl Scouts of America “Taking Action” Workshop entitled: How to Build your On-line Presence now for Internships, Scholarships, College and Future Careers”(October 2012), on the panel for Fast Track To Solopreneur Success Meet-Up Group “Effective Video & Social Media Marketing” (January 2011).

Ms. Guest a member of The NYC Small Business Services as an M/WBE, The New York State Economic Development Corporation. For video services quotes, interviews, panel discussions, speaking engagements workshops, contact Ms. Guest at (212) 281-2286 or eula@griotsrollproduction.com.

Inspiration Of Motherhood: 4 ‘Dangerous’ Yet Crucial Things Every Parent Should Encourage


Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this post.

I am a psychologist who works with adults, who are often very high achievers. So when I am asked if I see children in my practice, my routine tongue-in-cheek quip is, “only those in adult bodies.” More seriously, I’ve seen an extremely wide range of parenting results over my 38 years of clinical practice, ranging from outstanding to criminally horrific. Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but many parents either don’t realize or forget that the quality of the parenting we give our children is one of the crucial factors for determining how they will function throughout their entire lives.

Then comes what for most parents is the hard part – letting go and trusting that they will learn from their own mistakes, passions, uniqueness and psychological growing pains.— Michael S. Broder

Gever Tully’s excellent TED talk, “5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do,” prompted me to share some psychological counterparts to his presentation, based on years of clinical observation–and even more importantly, my own life experiences–that you may consider instilling in your child:

• Proudly celebrate your uniqueness — It takes courage to resist the urge to blend in and surrender yourself to the safety of sameness. Your children are unique creatures with their very own talents, passions and areas of excellence. And letting their individuality guide them to what will become their inimitable contribution to themselves and their world is the most reliable ticket to a fulfilling life. However, being an individual often invites peer group scorn. And painful as this may be at the time, the cost of ignoring your destiny–aka the life you were born to live–is far greater. If you pressed me to name things I have regretted in my life, it would almost certainly be when I have taken the “safe” road and ignored my passions.

• Take risks — Prudent risk-taking is what builds emotional muscle. It’s always a nice feeling when people agree with your opinions, accept your invitation to the prom or enjoy your performance at the school play. But when they don’t, they have given you another gift, which is the opportunity to confirm that you can handle rejection. The same principle applies to failure. Of course, we should always strive to succeed. But failure at times is inevitable except for those who fear it so much that they don’t even try (which I would argue is failure by default!). Every wildly successful person I know can point to at least one major and often humiliating failure that became a valuable learning experience. Soon you will stop being governed by other people’s approval and the fear of rejection or failure. This is true strength or the emotional muscle, which will serve you throughout life with your career, relationships and anything else that’s important to you.

• Stand up to bullies — In my work with high achievers, one thing practically all of them have in common is the refusal to be pushed around and negated by those who see you as easy prey. While bullying sometimes rises to a level where adult intervention is necessary, I am concerned that the pendulum may have swung too far, resulting in overprotection of children when it comes to their standing up to peers. At the ripe old age of 4 ½, I was sent to overnight camp for the summer and was the youngest in my bunk by almost 2 years. I was picked on mercilessly. Not knowing what else to do, I fought back and learned that summer what most bullies have in common–that when stood up to, they fold like cheap cameras!

• Question rules that don’t make sense — Part of growing up is about learning respect for authority. But it’s also about learning how to think outside the box. These are not incompatible tasks! Almost without exception, those who have most changed the world have turned some deeply held form of conventional wisdom on its head. Where did they learn to do this? The lucky ones point to their parents. But the others had to find some other mentor or shoulder it themselves, often feeling quite alone in the process.

It’s been said that good parenting is the ultimate balancing act. We need to protect our children in an age appropriate way; early on by insuring their physical safety, then by setting limits and teaching them the basic rules of living in a civilized society. Then comes what for most parents is the hard part–letting go (while certainly maintaining your availability) and trusting that they will learn from their own mistakes, passions, uniqueness and psychological growing pains. But by pulling this off, you’ve put your children on track to be the very best they can be!

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D. is a renowned psychologist, executive coach, bestselling author and popular speaker. He is an acclaimed expert in cognitive behavioral therapy, specializing in high achievers and relationship issues. His work centers on bringing about major change in the shortest time possible. Dr. Broder’s latest book is Stage Climbing: The Shortest Path to Your Highest Potential.

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