Inspirational Woman Of The Day: Katherine Waddell


CHARLOTTE, NC – January 13, 2014 – Small business owners are growing discouraged when it comes to marketing techniques  that are low cost and effective. According to Yahoo! Small Business, “in 2012, on average 10.4 percent of revenue was spent on marketing” (source:

Katherine Waddell of This Needs to Be Said Media, Inc. (TNTBS) wants to show an affordable option for small businesses looking to get the word out about their products and services.

 On April 1, 2014 join Katherine, along with an expert-packed panel, for the B4 Tour, an all-day showcase where guests can attend online with their computers, tablets or smartphones. The B4 Tour will guide attendees through major aspects of small business, such as branding, taxes and marketing. Katherine will discuss “Profitable Radio Marketing Exposed: Understanding What Needs to Be Said” during the webcast.

The B4 Tour is hosted by Durham-based Rhonda Nails of Project PUSH, an initiative dedicated to supporting small business. Known as the Success Instigator, Rhonda has worked alongside new and seasoned business owners since 2010. 

 To register and join the live virtual event, beginning 12 noon on April 1, 2014, visit the B4 Tour registration page. For more information about the event and its schedule, visit


Project PUSH goes beyond serving as a support system, for today’s entrepreneurs. It displays Rhonda’s story of building a business in spite of bankruptcy, to help other entrepreneurs build their businesses, even on a bankrupt budget.

 ABOUT TNTBS MEDIA, INCORPORATED TNTBS Media, Incorporated is the home of the online radio broadcast This Needs To Be Said, a Charlotte, NC-based talk show. The show aims to get a message out to everyone who will listen that says, ‘There is an elephant in the room, let’s talk about it!’  TNTBS is also home to the Dreams Woven Support Network, Incorporated, with  which its mission is to provide a support system to help business owners and entrepreneurs stay on track, stay focused and to stay motivated as they realize their dreams.

Media Contact:  Katherine Waddell

Email: Phone: 980-522-8223



  1. The issue is that small businesses can’t afford to hire specialists in marketing, like the corporations do. Obviously an owner of a small business is not specialised in all areas of business and they don’t have the time and money to learn it. This initiative is a pretty good one!

    • I think so too!! Thank you so much your thoughtful comments!!!


      • you’re welcome. My mum has a small business and she does not seem to understand the importance of marketing because well she is specialised in creating her products but business wise she does not know certain things. But how could she? that would mean for her to go to university to learn marketing, business or to hire a team of people ( which she can’t afford). I think maybe the governments should offer discounts or free courses for small business owners.

  2. @Happy Telegram Thank you for your thoughts. That is why I look forward to spending time with small business owners, it a large order to fill trying to be everything in your business. The right support will help you or your mum grow your bottom line. Thank you for reading. Please share with others too. I want to help as many as possible.

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