Women’s News: Is This Really The Hardest Question For Women To Answer?

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If you were asked to name one thing you really love about your body, what would your initial reaction be? And would it be far easier to compliment your friends’ sparkling eyes, glowing complexion, curvaceous hips and toned legs than openly praise your own looks?

According to a compelling new ad from Dove, the latest video in the brand’s Campaign For Real Beauty, the answer to that second question is a resounding — and heartbreaking — yes. Dove asked pairs of women on the street what they love about their own bodies and received nervous laughter, “hmmms,” and “I don’t knows” in response. But when the same women were asked to answer the same question about their female friends, they gushed.

“If we can see the beauty in others, why can’t we see it in ourselves?” the spot poignantly asks.

Women should feel more empowered to recognize the beauty in themselves and their female peers. (After all, 97 percent of women admit to having a disparaging thought about their body every day, and two-thirds of 13-year-old girls in the U.S. fear gaining weight.) And spots like this one and Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” are an excellent antidote to theCarl’s Jr. and Axe commercials of the world. But we found ourselves left with a few nagging questions after watching the ad a few times. Do we think that most women really can’t name even one part of their body that they love? Or is it just that women have been socialized to accept compliments with reticence and feel uncomfortable praising themselves?

And at what point will convincing women that they are physically beautiful stop being the most important thing for us to do? Feeling beautiful is a wonderful thing, but feeling intelligent and feisty and independent and passionate can be so much better.

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Are You Putting Limitations on Your Life

When I greet people and they ask me, how are you?  I try to answer every time, “I Woke Up and the Rest is Gravy”.  The reason why I answer that way is to remind myself that I have another day to get it right.  To learn whatever lessons God is putting in front of me.

Are you negatively putting road blocks in front of your life?  Are you impacting your lessons by putting negative energy into the air?  Do you answer Oh I had a rough morning or my knees arehurting me today or my sinuses are bothering me” or “my children are getting on my nerves.  If you answer yes to this or any negative answers, then you are putting limitations on your life.  You are officially blocking your blessings.  I’m not saying I am perfect I have to literally be conscious of what I say and how I put words into the universe.

If you haven’t already done so you should have written a list of intentions for the New Year 2014.  You should put forth realistic positive energy in to your life and to speak positivity into the universe.  It won’t be easy if you are not in the habit of looking at this in a positive light but now that you know better, you will do better.  Start by going into the bathroom in the morning and speaking positivity into your life.

  • I am blessed
  • I am going to have a great day
  • I will make some sales today in my business
  • I am a child of God and God don’t make no junk
  • I can do anything through God etc.


Just get into the habit of speaking positivity.  Don’t get bent out of shape if you don’t get it right away.  This takes time and conscious efforts.

Remember that at every new level you will encounter a new devil.  When you are trying to do better the negativeenergy is trying to keep you where you are at.  


Blessings!  HAPPY 2014


Words To Live By


No Regrets

Regrets serve no purpose, none whatsoever. Unless that is, you enjoying feeling miserable because that’s about the only thing they are guaranteed to accomplish.

With the benefit of hindsight we all have things from the past that we would do differently if we had our time again. We’ve all looked back incredulously at some poor decision and thought,

“What the hell was I thinking of?”

The reality is every decision you make and action you undertake you do so with the best intentions at that particular moment in time.

Unfortunately though, best intentions are not always enough and if you are short on information, in the wrong frame of mind, sick, angry or just blind drunk, you are less likely to make great decisions.

However, as long as you learn from your errors you can use that information to avoid repeating your mistakes you can move through your life without the millstone of regret on your shoulders.

A Message From The Creator


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