Inspirational Woman Of The Day: Myra Hunn


Myra grew up in a church family but choose to leave church for many years.  When she walked away from church, she spiraled down a road of drugs and alcohol until the day she was faced with raising two kids alone.  Sitting in a small two bedroom apartment trying once again to drown her pain in drugs and alcohol she made a promise to God that she would not return back to the life of drugs and alcohol.  She had hit her rock bottom.  From that day she began to walk with God.  She has obtained an associate degree in Computer Networking and Applications.  She is currently pursuing her bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems.  In 2012, she felt the need to tell her story and encourage others along their journey.  She started a Facebook page called Learning the Lord which ultimately became her company name and began posting words of encouragement.  In August of 2013, she began a talk radio show called Endless Encouragement on Blog Talk Radio.  Over 4,600 people have listened to her broadcast. Myra’s desire is to bring “real life” stories so that listeners can be encouraged and inspired to overcome their obstacles in life.  As well as understand an individual’s past does not determine a person future only today determine a person future.


  1. What an honor!! Thanks Kim! I posted this on my website!

  2. Thank you!


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