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Juanita Moore, Groundbreaking Actress, Dies

By Mark Memmdott

“Juanita Moore, a groundbreaking actress and an Academy Award nominee for her role as Lana Turner’s black friend in the classic weeper Imitation of Life, has died,” The Associated Press writes.

The wire service adds that “actor Kirk Kelleykahn, her grandson, said that Moore collapsed and died Wednesday at her home in Los Angeles. She was 99, according to Kelleykahn. Accounts of her age have differed over the years.”

The Los Angeles Times calls Moore “a pioneering African American actress.” She was “only the fifth African American ever to receive an Academy Award nomination, a rare honor in a racially divided era when actors of color seldom claimed rewarding roles.”Imitation of Life, the Times says, “is a subversive masterwork of socially conscious cinema that gained a cultish popularity in later years.”

BET’s Celebrities blog writes that:

Actress Juanita Moore in 1960. She died Wednesday at the age of 99.


“Like many actresses of her time, Moore was forced to play maids in racially-charged Hollywood. But her Oscar-nominated role in the 1959 remake of Imitation of Lifemade her a star. Moore played Annie Johnson, a maid with a black child who passed [for] white and eventually rejected her mother. The film’s handling of racial idenitity was controversial for the time and there have been talks of a remake for decades.”

Moore once lamented that being an Oscar nominee had a downside, the AP says:

” ‘The Oscar prestige was fine, but I worked more before I was nominated,’ Moore told the Los Angeles Times in 1967. ‘Casting directors think an Oscar nominee is suddenly in another category. They couldn’t possibly ask you to do one or two days’ work.’ ”

But she also realized that her portrayal of Annie in Imitation of Lifebroke a barrier. “Annie was a good role for me,” she said in a 2005 interview posted by Black Star News. “I [had] been in a lot of pictures. However, most of them consisted of my opening doors for white people.”

She also said then that: “I cried a lot in the making of [the] movie because it was real easy for me to cry. I had a lot to cry about. Conditions for black actors were unbelievable back then. Very few black actors got the opportunity to hone their craft in the same way white actors did.”

As her profile at shows, Moore remained active into the 21st Century. She was a frequent guest on TV dramas, includingThe Alfred Hitchcock HourDragnet and Mannix.

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Women’s News: PHOTOS: ‘Smash The Scale’ Is The New Year’s ‘Revolution’ You Need To Know About


The Huffington Post  |  By 

Instead of adding “losing weight” to your New Year’s to-do list, blogger Jes Baker says you should do something much more radical: destroy your scale and resolve to stop trying to change your body.

Baker, who blogs at The Militant Baker and is organizing the 2014 Body Love Conference, launched her “Smash The Scale” campaign on Dec. 31 with a blog post and accompanying photo shoot that shows a group of women physically destroying their scales. “We’ve decided to separate our value as a human from the number on a scale,” Baker wrote.

smash the scale

After Body Love Conference volunteer Kate Selby came up with the concept for “Smash The Scale,” Baker worked with four Tucson, AZ photographers and local readers and supporters to stage the photo shoot. “I noticed that the women’s emotions ranged from terrified but determined to confident and ecstatic,” she told the Huffington Post in an email. “ALL OF THEM were supportive of each other. It was a blast.”

smash the scale

As for why she is smashing the scale, Baker wrote:

I’m Smashing the Scale this year because today was dark and it had everything to do with hating my body and I’m done with this roller coaster. I’m Smashing the Scale because I deserve a life free of self hate. I’m Smashing the Scale because while I’m an international advocate, I still have days where I binge and purge. I’m Smashing the Scale because I’m tired of feeling so terrible in my skin that I can hardly think. I’m Smashing the Scale because I’ve had enough of the toxic guilt that makes me physically ill.

smash the scale
Check out more pictures from the amazing photo shoot below, and head over to The Militant Baker to share your own story.

smash the scale

smash the scale

smash the scale

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Women’s News: The ‘Average Women’s Magazine Cover’ Parody You Need To See

If this hilarious parody cover is anything to go by, women’s magazines have a long way to go.

This mockup of the “average women’s magazine cover,” created in 2010 by writer and illustrator Brendan McGinley, resurfaced this week whenTechnicallyRon tweeted it on Dec. 30.

McGinley’s parody cover features all-caps bold headlines like “Overanalyzing” and “The Shame & Guilt Issue,” taking a not-so-subtle swipe at “trashy” women’s magazines focused on sex and relationships:



Perhaps because so many women’s magazines seem to be exactly the same, we sometimes forget how negative their messages about topics like weight loss and pleasing a partner really are. Fake headlines like “SEX, you’re doing it WRONG dammit!” to “Lose 30lbs Fast, Chop Off Your Leg!” remind us to think twice about the advice on offer. Read More:

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