Featured Article: Small Business Spotlight: LadyRomp Inspiration Network Coaching Services


The Small Business Spotlight is an opportunity to spotlight small business owners in the Dallas / Fort Worth areas and across the country. Small businesses are the backbone of the great country and spotlighting them for who and what they are and represent is an honor.

When did you start your business and why did you start your business?LadyRomp, a blog was started in 2012 and since then has turned into LadyRomp Inspiration Network Coaching Services. Owner and founder Kimberly Seabrooks created LadyRomp for the purpose of empowering women and girls to fulfill their goals and purpose in life. Currently, LadyRomp is working with and assisting a small group of women but in February 2014, the organization will open its reach to target and assist a larger group as well as offer individual teachings. LadyRomp, the blog, has over 10,000 follower since it started.

What does your business offer and what is your target market? LadyRomp Inspiration Network Coaching Services offers life and career coaching and empowerment for women and young girls of all ages.

How is your business different from others in your industry? LINC is different from others in the industry because their target market is women. While there are many organizations that target women but our goal is to hone in on the women who are truly seeking to live a better life and live in their purpose. Soon the organization plans to begin offering its coaching services to men who have a desire to be a great partner for women in their lives.

How are you meeting the needs of your clients in today’s economy? LINC is constantly meeting the needs of its customers in today’s economy by helping their clients meet their goal of moving their lives from one level to another by giving them the tools they need to do so.

“Basically, we are equipping or helping identify valuable resources and tools our clients need to live the life they want. In turn, help them find better jobs, start their own businesses and ultimately make better life choices, which is a benefit to any economy of scale,” says Seabrooks.

Who are your competitors, if any? LINC has no competitors who offer the same level of care and services but they are often compared to Iyanla Vanzant.

Why is your business model important to you and your clients? The LINC business model is important to its clients because Seabrooks believes that helping women and girls is her responsibility or rather her calling.

“Even if I never receive one penny for doing this, I still want to do this,” she adds. “I love helping people and when you are helping someone fulfill the goals that are important to them, then you are helping a greater cause that is not self serving.”

How do you market and advertise your business? LINC is on all available social media sites including Facebook, Google+, Digg, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and Pinterest. They have an expert segment that will be starting on an internet radio show in 2014.

Where do you see your business in the next 2-5 years? In the future LINC will be an international coaching powerhouse that helps individuals from all walks of life.

“The vision of LINC is not in a box because each person has a different purpose and desire and our goal is to help as many people fulfill their goals,” she says.

What advice do you have for other small business owners? “Treat your clients and employees well, because without them you do not have a business.”

Kimberly Seabrooks



  1. The Q and A model helped a lot to find the important factors. Thanks for sharing these informations to the readers.In my opinion all the mentioned points are valid up to some extend. Keep sharing more about the same in the upcoming posts.

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