My Friend: Eula M. Guest


Marketing Mindset
Do you have a marketing mindset?  When you are running your business are you thinking about how to market that business?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night with ideas on how you are going to market those new products or services?  If you can’t say yes to these questions then you need to restructure and retrain your brain to be in marketing mode. Marketing should be a part of what you do for your business 75% of the time, you should have the behaviors already in your brain of what you are going to do next.  If this is not part of your behavior then you need to make sure you have strategies in place that someone is doing marketing 75% of the time when you are running your business.  Your marketing strategy should be working when you are not working.  Build those marketing behaviors and make it a part of your business every day.  Here are some tips to get you there:
v     If you haven’t already you should have met with a marketing strategist to implement a plan for 2014.  If you have done some marketing in the past what has worked and what hasn’t worked?
v     You should always be in some kind of marketing mode, wherever you are you should be talking about and marketing your business; you should never leave your home or office without your business cards.  You never know who you will meet or run into
v     Marketing to you should be like air you need it to survive, you can’t live without it.
v     Who is managing your social media content?  Do you have a social media manager and if not why not?
v     Where is your customers and present clients getting their information, you should know this to be in front of them.
v     Invest in e-mail marketing.  If you haven’t why haven’t you?  If you can’t do it you should have an e-mail marketing manager.  E-mails are worth their weight in gold and they translate into sales, you should be in front of your client base at least once per month with updates, sales, and discounts on what your business is doing.  Use that e-mail marketing as a way to keep in the minds of your list and not to just sell.
v     Have you invest in a marketing video for your website? How are you reaching your target market?  How is your target market finding your website?  You have to connect the dots, all your social media pages should have a link to your website.  You should have a subscribe to your newsletter on your website and social media pages
v     Remember you can set your newsletter for when you want it to go out, you don’t have to rush to do it, take time to make sure your content makes sense and that you have valuable information for your subscribers.  Last but not least remember to use the share button.
Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. is a video marketing company, that provides video services for businesses, non-profits, corporations, city and state agencies looking to demonstrate a product, educate their target market on their services or organization looking to improve their presences on-line using video and social media. Griot’s Roll creates the on-line video for our clients, as well as helps our clients create a marketing and advertising campaign surrounding the video. We then track the campaigns success through the uses of video analytics, and other tracking and data software’s.
Eula M. Guest COO
Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc.
(212) 281-2286

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