My Friend: Eula M. Guest


The Authentic Networker

First let’s explain what an authentic networker is.  It is a person who is networking from an authentic place.  They are not there to just drum up business but to build a brand from a personal place.  Sharing a piece of your personal self to connect and build lasting relationships.


When I first started to go to networking events, I hated it; I am by nature very reserved and a bit of an introvert.  It took me a long time to go to events and just walk up to people and start talking let alone start networking.  As I started going to more and more professional development events and started building confidence, it became easier to start conversations.


After going to a professional development workshop and learning about authentic management, I found it easier to go up to people and start talking about cooking and recipes for creating a special meal, which for me are comfortable topics. Then I was able to come to a place of talking about business.  Since food is something that everyone can relate to, I found my way into sharing my authentic self and networking.  This has made it easier for me to walk up to people and have a conversation with a total stranger.


Tips to help you get over those nerves when going to your next networking, business conference, expo, lecture event:


  • Take      time to figure out what is your authentic self.
  • What      do you like to do that you love talking about besides your business?
  • Body      language is important; people can pick up if you are not comfortable.
  •  Practice      with friends, family members to get into the habit of being comfortable.
  • Talk      in front of the mirror to view your facial expressions.
  • What      drives your passion?  What do you love doing besides your      business?  Do you volunteer? Great ice breaker.
  • Don’t speak      about things that can be argumentative i.e. religion, politics, race, etc.
  • Come      from a place of authenticity
  • Remember      the end goal of networking is to build allies, partnerships, mentorships,      referrals and the bottom line future sales.
  • Remember      to have fun enjoy meeting people and RELAX.



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