A Message From The Creator




  1. songtothesirens says:

    An important message. So many people do not ever really live because they are too busy trying to be what someone else thinks they ought to be. This is especially and sadly true of women. I have tried to be someone I am not. It didn’t work 🙂

    • I know exactly what you mean. Mine caused me to almost have a nervous breakdown, because I felt as though I had to project an image of everything being okay even when it wasn’t. Thank you so much for sharing your comments with us.

      • songtothesirens says:

        Almost went through the same thing trying to be superwoman. Something’s gotta give, and it should not be your health 🙂

        Have a beautiful day! 🙂

      • That is so true!!!

      • songtothesirens says:

        Yep 🙂 We are not superheroes…..we are common mortals. I see too many women trying to be everything (including my own mom before she retired). They are trying to be the best mom, the best in their career, the best wife and friend. You just can’t do all that. The stress will kill you. And something usually gives, and it isn’t the career, generally.

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