Inspiration Of Motherhood: How One Weekend Changed My Feelings About Motherhood


Natacha Hildebrand

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The first thing that happens after you get engaged is people ask two things: 1) When is the date? 2) Have you talked about having kids?

Personally, I love kids, I just never saw myself actually having them.

I babysat all throughout college, never shying away from a dirty diaper or apocalyptic naptime tantrum. Yet, whenever anyone asks ME the question, my answers range from the noncommittal “one day,” to my own apocalyptic fit of “HELL NO.” (Beyond the whole responsibility thing, my ass really can’t get that much bigger. No really, it can’t.)

I digress.

I suppose I should mention that I’m biased. I have two aunts — both very childless and both very fabulous. (No, they’re not dating each other). In fact, they both have quite lovely significant others and lead free, spontaneous, new-season-Prada-wearing lives.

They are single women role models if I’ve ever seen them.

But then, I fell in love with a boy. And the boy asked me to marry him. And, you guessed it: That boy? He wants kids. To make matters worse, he’s the type of guy that you just know will be an amazing father. (Rude.)

Well, this really left only one thing for us to do: a test run.

Since they don’t have rent-a-babies yet, we lucked out with the boy’s very trusting sister and his 2-year-old niece, whom we soon learned that besides being adorable, had a strong command of the English phrase “No.”

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