My Friend: Eula M. Guest


Are you playing Russian Roulette Networking


As a business owner, we get so caught up in making sales. When we go to networking events, we start playing Russian Roulette Networking. We are talking to as many people as we can and handing out as many cards are we can without taking the time to really get to know the people we are speaking to.


What is your Authentic Networking Technique?  Authentic Networking Technique is a means to build a relationship while networking by giving a part of your authentic self.  For example,  when I go to networking events, I will walk up to a person and say,  “Man, I made the best pot roast last night for my husband.”  That will throw a person off because they are expecting you to ask them, What do you do?  Do you have a business card?  Maybe we can do business my name is so and so.  When I start off with how I love to cook, they are learning something personal about me; and if they like to cook, we start talking about recipes.  This is authentic networking technique.  Yes it takes longer.  Yes it is time consuming, but you are building lasting relationships and I guarantee that person is going to remember you out of all the other people they meet that night.  A speaker once said at a conference that they ask what do you do with the cotton after you open your vitamin bottle?  People will stop and say what an odd question at a networking event but will never forget the person or the questions.


Now some strategies for the next time you go to a networking event or business conference.

  • What will      be your personal statement to the next person you walk up to?
  • Remember      to keep it interesting but not shocking where the person wants to go to      the other side of the room  or call security to escort you out of the      building.
  • Keep it light.      Don’t say I just broke up with my boy/girlfriend, or do you twerk?       Remember it is a business event.
  • Many      on-line registration event sites will list the people who      registered.  Take the time to research the folks on the list and/or      their business and see if it is within your target market.  You don’t      want to spend all this time on your new techniques to find out that the      person you spent ten minutes talking to does the same thing you do and you      are competitors.
  • Last but      not least, learn to relax and enjoy meeting new people and network.       You may not make a sale for a while, but you may make some lasting      business allies for referrals, mentorships, resources and partnerships.      These days we can sure use that.

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