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A while back I had a disagreement (I don’t like to use the word argument so negative.) about a comment that was made on a photo that I posted.  I sent a PM (private message) to their page asking them why that kind of statement was put out in the open.  Why would you be so negative on a page that so many people post on? Their comment was, “It’s my opinion.”  I said to them, “You are so right. It is your opinion; but when you post negative comments about other people, it makes you look small and unprofessional.  I wouldn’t have expected that from someone who is supposed to be so polished.”  They wrote back clearly taken aback by my comment and started to defend the comment by reading off their credentials, and I wrote back to them.  “That is correct. That is why I am doubly surprised that you would endanger your image, reputation and all that you’ve worked for by posting such a negative comment to another business owner out in a public forum.”

They defended the comment by saying, “It is my opinion.” I said this time that they are absolutely right. It is their opinion, but I think that they should have told that person what they felt in a private message. I don’t see the point in trying to degrade another business owner in a public forum.  They proceeded to tell me that they hope I have a great day, and I said to them, “You too and blessings.” like I always do when I am signing off. After I thought the conversation was over, they came back and said to me, “I’ve been on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and Black Enterprise.”  I said to them they put jack asses and donkey back sides on the cover of magazines too. Do we want to hear from them?   That was clearly the end of that conversation and then I un-friend them.

I am bringing this up for a reason.  Social media is a great tool; one bad comment can break down everything you’ve worked for.  Before you make that comment on your page or someone else’s page, ask yourself is it worth it.  If it becomes too much, the un-friend button still works.

Ms. Guest, COO & Social Media Manager at Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc., for interviews, panel discussions, speaking engagements, workshops contact Ms. Young at (212) 281-2286 or



  1. Unfortunately, social media seems to have stripped away the concept of tact in writing posts. A negative comment could be balanced out with something positive about [fill in noun]. It’s considered constructive criticism then, not a complete harangue of a person or an establishment. Then again, if there is nothing nice to be said, then saying nothing is an appropriate and tactful option. You approached the matter by taking the high road. My hat goes off to you.

  2. Thank you Ladyromp for allowing me to share my blogs, blessings

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