My Struggle!


Hi Guys,

Has there ever been a time in your life where you had people all around you that were challenging you in every aspect of your life. I am currently experiencing that right now and it is not always easy to deal with because I am very sensitive person and I think people sometimes take my kindness for a weakness. Please Advise, because I need your help!!!





  1. You have to remember that this is only a phase. A test that you will pass because you are strong. I don’t know the specific situation but here is something that I had to learn. People will treat you the way YOU allow them to. Keep the faith.

  2. Keep on path. People are that creature !

  3. This is only a phase ! God only gives you what you can handle. Coming out of this time you will be stronger even though right now you may feel weak. Visualize how you want your outcome, you determine your victory, Download the song ” I’m every woman” with Chaka kan and play it morning , noon and night!!! Dance it off girl, you got this!!!!
    Shannon in Vegas

  4. First u say WOOSAH!! Then you remember who is the controller and head of your life. This to shall pass so just blow it over your shoulder and keep on pushing!!!

  5. Hi Romp,

    I am an avid follower of you. I don’t want to try to help you overcome your current situation because you are far more capable of doing it by yourself and I am not that experienced or qualified a person for such things. Only I wish to make certain aspects clearer.

    First of all, “it is not always easy to deal with…”, why do you want to deal with them. The challenging people as well as situations always are presented to us by the GOD only to test our ability; this I learned from my own experience. AT the end, whether I like it or not, want it or not, I end up winning; winning what, the TEST. I win not because I am capable, I win because I don’t compromise my principles, values and my virtues, that’s what I feel the test is all about.

    Secondly, “the people”…what do you mean by that; its you only you who pose any challenge to yourself not the others; I treat the people as objects meant to test me and help me learn. I do what I like but I ensure my actions do not affect the lives of others.

    “I think people sometimes take my kindness for a weakness”: One of the most powerful lessons that I learned in my life was, anything I do, I do it for myself; I never use the word, everyone, the world, the society. According to me, there is no everyone; The every one knows how to take care of him/her/them. Nevertheless, when I am asked to do something, such as help some one, I do with full heart, will not hesitate to go to any level even when I know it would harm me. Therefore, no heart breaks.

    Finally, I never care, give heed to when some one calls me a dog, fool, stupid etc. etc. because by sparing even a second to such things, I am neither going to get a million nor going to achieve something extra ordinary.

    One of the best blessings that I have been showered with is, I never feel shy of failing in my life. I love failing. My failings are my first asset.

    I always keep reminding myself, I have been sent down here with a clear message that my license is temporary, it can be revoked any time HE wishes, so why not live this moment, this minute, this hour, this day.

    Take care.

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  7. Keep pursuing your dream, you are already gifted. Stay to the course faithfully, always remembering you were uniquely made with certain gifts and talents. Only you can begin to doubt and turn away from your chosen path. Remember, I was moved that same way, when someone once asked me when I first began writing all you write about is love, love, love, and I even stopped writing for a time, but went back and stayed the course. I communicated with God each day…and then I was finally moved to share within my spirit, I again hesitated in 2009, and after a few spiritual messages from complete strangers, I embraced the gift and began to share not caring about what might be said. in 2010, i finally shared, and it was ..His love which guided me, and it was that love I was actually writing about. With Him I realized I can do all things, I just had to believe, and now I share all the time. Stay in the embrace of His spirits wisdom and love, and you will have much success. Remember many, even some of the disciples tried to dissuade Jesus when he told them about things to come…stay on the path Kim…you will be okay! Hugs and blessings!

    • Hugs and Blessings to you too Wendell!! I was hoping so much that I heard from you regarding this because I knew I would get the best advice and I was right. You are the best and thank you so much!!!

  8. I know for a fact that trials and tribulations make one stronger and not blown off easy by waves that may come by. you can never know how strong you are if you never get tried. Its been said timelessly that we have to be thankful at all times in all situations. stay strong and know your worth.

  9. They are “FOOLS” if they believe and take your kindness for weakness, “They” are the losers 🙂

  10. Kindness is never a weakness. That said, there are times when you need to replenish yourself. Here is a quote I came across yesterday. It is from a saint who dedicated himself to God’s work: “If a tiny spark of God’s love already burns within you, do not expose it to the wind, for it may get blown out…Stay quiet with God. Do not spend your time in useless chatter…Do not give yourself to others so completely that you have nothing left for yourself.” – St. Charles Borromeo.

    If a holy man advises contemplation and time to yourself, why not open up some some space? At least for enough time to meditate and contemplate your direction.

  11. I think people, some people, do take advantage of the niceness in others. It is important to remember to be true to who you are, though – that is, don’t change, you are a nice person and you do nice things – but to also take care of yourself. If someone takes advantage of something that you do that is nice, so be it, they will get their just rewards at some point, but it is only ok IF you were going to do that nice thing anyway. Don’t get caught in the spiral of doing things you don’t want to just because you feel you have to. Make sure you look after your needs first because if you don’t, you can’t be there for anyone else.

  12. Hi Kim-
    Be true to yourself always. Those who are there for you no matter what are the ones worth keeping around. The rest were never really there for you & only probably care for themselves if they are taking advantage of your good heart.
    I’ve moved on from the negatives in my life & am living so much better for it. Some are even “family” members.
    God be with you as you take on what’s coming your way right now & always.

  13. Set your boundaries with kindness but be firm when you draw the line. You’re worth it!

  14. You are unique to this beautiful world, Live the way you wanted, Just Enjoy…..

    “We all entered this world on unique time & our behaviors are totally unique….”

    Take a Deep breath & Smile from bottom of your heart
    Just chill,

  15. The other responses are very encouraging, so take them all to heart. I encourage you, too. I encourage you to read the Boundaries book by Cloud and Townsend. It is a life changing book and I believe it will help you.

  16. There are some people in our lives that just maintain a connection with us, just to be connected. They send a text, or an email to say, hey, I am thinking of you. But their actions show nothing to touch your heart. It is difficult, but you sometimes have to CUT THE STRINGS of the individuals that are not allowing you to be the history maker you know you can be…they are in the shallow waters, while you are history making in the difficult deep waters. All you have to do is remember that God gives us a sign…and its usually a severe hardship, or difficulty we are going through in our lives, RIGHT BEFORE all the blessings from it come to us. if you are having a hard time, you better know, your good thing is coming! Walk tall.

  17. Kim,
    I’m sorry to hear about what you’re struggling with, and agree with all of the above. You’re obviously a smart and talented woman, and you should believe in yourself.

    However, it is also my nature to play devil’s advocate, with myself and others, as sometimes it’s too easy to stick our head in the sand. I say this not knowing you, your situation, or the people.

    Here’s what raised my curiosity: “people all around you that were challenging you in every aspect of your life.” First, is it really “all around, every aspect”? Or is it just a couple of people regarding a couple of aspects? Sometimes we can be too sensitive and over-analyze and worry off-hand comments.

    If it’s really pervasive, I’d ask: is there a common theme to these concerns? Really think about what they’re saying underneath it all. Maybe they’re all concerned about your tendency to do X or Y but referring to different examples. For example, if you’re “too nice” maybe they’re concerned you’re being taken advantage of. Don’t brush the concerns all off without seriously considering them. I would be asking myself, “what am I not seeing/doing/hearing with these concerns?” However, in the end, you still have to be the judge of what’s right for you and follow your own priorities and principles.

    I also want to know: Who are these people? Do you believe they have your best interest at heart? If so, then really take seriously their comments. If not, then why are you listening to them?

    Good luck. I wish you peace and wisdom as you figure this out.


  18. Life is full of challenges and road blocks. It is the experience of working through them head on and gaining confidence through personal growth. It’s important to support your mind, body and soul so you have the mental energy to appropriately conquer your daily stresses.

    I am sorry to hear you are struggling right now, I can personally relate to being a sensitive person. Best advice I could give is to be mindful of your control in situations and the perspective of others.


  19. Lady, Thanks so much for following me on Cold. I’m crap at giving advice :), but relying on my faith has always worked for me. I believe God has written a story into each of our heart and that if we’re very quiet and mindful, we can her Him whispering it.

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