A Message From Kim

Hey Guys, I needed this today, because I have problems in this area!




  1. When you know that you as well as they are a part of this universe playing unique roles, you will not be able to put down by any one. Least of all some one who invests time to care for others!

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    Highly valuable a message.

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  4. I find myself in this, is it pride or what, when you love someone and give your heart time and money to make them safe and she moves on and tries to contact you and he cuts you off calls you a dirt ball and everything under the sun it just hard to handle and I must some how and some way!

  5. Thank you. I often wonder when, as a society, we began to associate simple righteous indignation with being “not nice” and defending ourselves legitimately as an act of non Christian aggression? There is a big difference between turning the other cheek and being a passive doormat. Discernment is the key. I always try to think about the next victim of the perpetrator. If not for myself, then for someone else…

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