In Love With Another!


Hey Guys,

I have a question for you. Have you ever been in love with or liked someone that did not know it or didn’t even know you existed? If so, how did you handle it?



  1. never been in that position, sorry- kerry butler

  2. Yes, in high school, perhaps a puppy love, but love just the same. I kept hoping he’d actually SEE me, never happened, but someone else did and voila, dating happened. Grin

  3. All I did was obsess! So that never got me anywhere…

  4. Thank you so much Belinda for your kind words!

  5. Love from a far until it past. In my case it never past, we got married several years later when I found out he felt the same way. Funny how that happened?

  6. i can help you wth that, tell that person ,you were just thinking about you, dont say anything, they will open up like a can of worms, thats a very lucky person, i wish you the best cutie!!- kerry butler

  7. Too many times to think about. I have trouble understanding it, vut my spiritual intuition now tells me that it has something to do with recognizing something in another person which we long to embrace, often something we find missing in outselves. It does not always equate to true love and devotion however. But it still hurts to not have that recognition returned.

  8. It is just so BIG….

  9. yes, I have had that experience. And once they found out they rejected me right away. It’s almost like the ‘imagination of what it would be like’ is better than the reality of the person finding out. I think loves that start as friendships and grow mutually into attraction usually turn out better 🙂

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