What would you do?


Hey guys, I know that it is the holiday weekend and I hope everyone is having a great time. I just wanted to ask you a question.

What would you do if you had a person in your life that you thought was a friend of yours and then you find out that they secretly hate you? What would you do?




  2. I would try to find out their reason for the hate. You might have to start to distance yourself from that person if you feel like there’s no changing their mind about you.

  3. Oh dear – this doesn’t sound a good situation. I think if someone has proven to be so dishonest around you, you can’t trust them and, at the very least, should distance yourself from them. Better to lose that friend than having someone turning against you behind your back…

  4. That’s hard. I would try to realize that their judgement is theirs, it is not anything you can change and nor is it something you should take upon yourself. It’s their thing. Easier said than done. I would like to think that I would have the courage to say, “Look, I know now how you really feel about me, so let’s stop wasting our energy and just go our separate ways.” In reality, I would probably just distance myself. I wouldn’t be able to be in their presence, at least not without feeling extremely uncomfortable, and life is too short to put yourself in that kind of awkward position if you can avoid it. Good luck, and remember, it’s not you, it’s them!

    • Thank you so much!!!! I think a lot of times people can have a love hate relationship with you. The things that they like about you they also hate about you as well. And that is truly their issue.

  5. Hi Lady : IF you are sure that it is genuine dishonesty, and disrespect…….. distance. I always listen to my gut. It’s usually right. It took me years to perfect but I got it down now. Some relationships can’t be fixed…. I’ve been hurt and betrayed by the best! But I had to shut two people out of my life while I was still working, in 2011. I mean WE were FRIENDS! But we were not, you know! But those two collectively caused me so much grief in my work no less. When I finally shut them down. My life and the decisions I made, got a whole lot easier.

    • It is so funny that you say that because that is exactly the situation that I am in. It is two people at work. It is two people that I have helped so many times because they won’t learn they jobs and I am moving ahead and they can’t deal with it. But, it is truly their problem and not mine. Thank you.

      • I sent you a pm on your facebook page. Check it out. Mine actually involved 3 people. One I knew from the git-go wasn’t my friend. She just wanted my job. Smiles .

      • KEEPTHE OLIVE BRANCH EXTENDED- thats your nature, dont let them dictate, your willing ways, its a gift from god , to have the will to help, if they need help them , it wont kill you , i promise, and you will feel better for it i promise

  6. Thank you so much for that I appreciate it!!

  7. I would just never see them again. I have many friends who love you as long as you do for them but when you stop doing things for them, they are no longer interested in being friends. I had one friend who moved and asked me to help her. She stayed at her new house and told me to go pack up her stuff and move it. After about 3 trips of packing and moving her stuff, I was done with her. Next time she can pack and move her stuff and I will stay home.

  8. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    I haven’t read every comment, but I would probably back away from the relationship so slowly as to not be noticed. A peaceful exit in the name of love…

  9. It is about them and not you. I would slowly distance myself until they are no longer a part of my life. I started weeding friends out a few years ago and I am so grateful I did, wasting my time on people who are “fake” or have drama needed to go!

  10. Hi,

    I’d let it go. Confronting is something I wouldn’t do because that person would never admit to it anyway. It just encourages them in their own made up mind opinion, even though it is unjustified.
    I intentionally back away from people who hate me and I do it immediately. I go from my own premise that everybody doesn’t have to like me. When I stop trying to be everybody’s darling then I find peace within myself and can move away easily from people who don’t care for me. I don’t even consider them because they become anonym.
    It took me years to learn this. A wave of freedom came over me and set me free from the approval spirit of thinking that everyone in the world has to like me.
    Now a days, my gut feeling tells me to beware and I follow that gut feeling.
    Hope this helps you.

  11. I have known people like this. There is, unfortunately, the mind set within society which connects niceness with passivity. Conversely, a”bad” person would be one who told you to your face what their problem might be. I love honesty myself; so if it was me, I would at least want to know what it is they “hate” to be certain there is no misunderstanding. If there good reason I would walk away knowing I tried. Some people are addicted to drama and often their deep admiration can turn to jealousy. People are very complex….

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