Inspiration Of Motherhood: Sophie Blackall


Behind every brilliant innovator is an equally inspirational mother. Some are the ultimate cheerleader, like one chef’s mother who sneaked into a restaurant’s kitchen just to see her daughter make pastries. Others put their money where their mouth is, like an entrepreneur’s mother who remortgaged their home to finance his first invention. Still others lead by example, such as a mother whose moments of quiet introspection inspired the creative process for her Grammy Award-winning daughter. In both small and profound ways, all mothers empower their children to change the world. Captured within this collection of images, we’ve uncovered the lesser-known stories of the mothers who created cultural visionaries.

llustrator and Author

Sophie Blackall’s Chinese ink and watercolor illustrations are immediately recognizable for their unique combination of elegance and whimsy. A generation of children is now growing up being charmed by the more than 25 children’s books she has illustrated, including best-selling series Ivy and Bean. And adults have been equally charmed by her blog-inspired book Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found, which captures fleeting moments between strangers, and is also the theme of a beloved subway poster commissioned by the MTA Arts for Transit program.

On being a mother:

“Just as my mother taught me, I have tried to teach my children to use their hands and open their eyes. To retain their natural curiosity and look for details and appreciate the absurd. In return, they inspire me to no end with the things they notice and respond to, funny, sad, beautiful, and strange alike, and the things they make, cakes and rabbit houses and overflowing sketchbooks. My daughter, Olive, is coming with me to India this spring to see an immunization campaign with UNICEF and the Measles & Rubella Initiative. I am so looking forward to sharing this experience with her and to comparing and sorting and processing all that we see.”

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  1. your posts put a smile on my face ^^

  2. As we say in India,God could not be everywhere at the same time so he gave us mothers instead.Very very heart touching.Love this post.

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