Inspirational Women Of Detroit: Lynda Hamway, Chrysler Group

It’s a Fact!

Lynda Hamway is mom to Andrew and Brett, both 8, and head of product development purchasing (D-Segment) at Chrysler.

What We Love

Lynda T. Hamway, a procurement executive with 18 years of experience, was appointed to her current position as head of product development purchasing – D Segment at Chrysler Group in 2011. Hamway’s responsibility for meeting new D-Segment vehicle cost and timing objectives requires strong negotiation and management expertise. One major accomplishment for Hamway at Chrysler Group: Co-leading a work life optimization team that led to major cultural improvements in the purchasing and supplier quality organization.

As a single mother of eight-year-old twin boys, Hamway understands the value of work life optimization and led by example through utilizing some of the work life programs that Chrysler Group offers, including taking a five-month maternity leave and job-sharing for four years. She currently telecommutes two to four days per month to keep up with work and family commitments.

Understanding the importance and value of Chrysler’s work life program, Lynda co-led a the Work Life Balance Team Initiative within the purchasing and supplier quality organization. The initiative fosters a culture where employees are empowered to accomplish optimal work results through their own work life management. The initiative included establishing flex start/end time and telecommuting programs, as well as guidelines and processes.

Hamway earned a M.A. in education/adult training from Central Michigan University and a B.S. in packaging engineering from Michigan State University. Since first joining Chrysler in 1994 as a management trainee, Hamway has held many different positions within the company: 2010, communications manager; 2008, supplier risk manager; 2006, procurement methods and strategies specialist; 2000, commodity manager, seats and interior components; 1998, lead buyer, powertrain components; and 1995, warehouse operations manager.

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