A Message From The Creator




  1. Reblogged this on All But Homeless and commented:
    I have had a pretty challenging week on several fronts and I tell you, I really needed this message today. It’s so TRUE! How crippling it can be to believe our worst review but I think it is human nature to do so. In the end though, we must do what we must do! With that said I carry on. Thanks so much for posting this Lady Romp.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and I am so happy that you received something from this message. I too have had a challenging week, but I truly believe, when you are doing the right things challenges come, because we are the people who will be able to let other people know, it does get better. It is part of your purpose. So take that today and keep on moving forward.

      • Awww. You’re welcome and I am getting past my challenges, one moment at a time. How about you? I just saw and knew I had to reblog. It WAS just so PERFECT for TODAY and it summed up my feelings as to my events so well. ENJOY your weekend!

      • I am getting past things. I just have some challenging people around me that I have to pray about everyday. Enjoy your weekend as well. And thank you again. You are so sweet!!!

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