Latest News: Planned Parenthood


By Kimberly Seabrooks

Late last week, some of the Planned Parenthood clinics in Wisconsin started the process of closing their doors. According to the provider for women’s health, this is due to Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the Republicans in the state after stripping the state funding given.

The Shawano, Wis. clinic closed on Friday, as reported by Fox 11, and is the first of the four expected Planned Parenthood closures that were announced in February this year.

CEO of Planned Parenthood Wisconsin, Teri Huyck, made a statement to CBS 58 saying how the current decision to strip the federal resources by Governor Walker has made it a challenge for women and their health. The resources would usually fill the gap in health coverage and has also been hit hard by the budget proposal that will end the coverage of BadgerCare for those women who earn more than $11,490 annually.

Laura Bassett, from Huffington Post, reported back in February about how this legislative action has forced Planned Parenthood to make some closures.

By July, three other clinics—Johnson creek, Chippewa Falls and Beaver Dam—were  closed. This affects over 2,000 patients across the state, according to Planned Parenthood.

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