Life’s Worth


By Kimberly Seabrooks

Put your life in perspective and find its purpose!

Do you often feel that there is so much you want to do but life is passing you by? Are you constantly finding yourself at loggerheads with what you want from life and what it demands from you? If your answer to both these questions is a firm yes, then maybe there is a mismatch in the life that you are living and the life that you want to live!

When you live a life based upon someone else’s interpretation of what’s good for you, most of the times it leaves you miserable and unfulfilled. If you really wish to know yourself and experience life to its fullest then you must find out and get in touch with your life’s purpose. Defining a purpose sounds a little complicated; however when you actually get down to doing it you will discover that it is one of the most easiest things to do and it makes your life much less complicated and sad and you will often ask yourself “why didn’t I think of it before?”

It is your life and no one but you should decide what its purpose should be. Your life is not a part of any assembly line production where the thousands of end products would end up looking similar. You are a unique being and everything about you is different from others. You should try and get in touch with your inner self by focusing on your inner being and finding comfort within. Find out about the things that define you and what your expectations from your own self are. One you formulate a list of expectations you must derive a pattern out of those expectations and you will see that it is like a blue print of the life that you have craving to live!

Just defining the purpose is not the end. In fact it is just the beginning because the purpose will put you on a path to achieve what you are seeking in your life. You should analyze your strengths and weaknesses and everything should be turned into a “must do” item on your list. You should express yourself clearly about what you want to do and what drives you to achieve it. It is just not about a job or a relationship but it is about the more profound purpose that can be achieved anywhere with any job and in any relationship for that matter!


  1. Fabulous and inspiring! It’s always nice to be cheered on just when you need a little boost.

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