What It Takes To Get To The Next Level!!!


By Kimberly Seabrooks

5 Things That Will Inspire Women To Achieve More


For a nation to grow and prosper out of the clutches of poverty and inequality, it is mandatory that the women and the men in the nation are looked upon as equals. Discrimination based on sex of a person classifies the society as a primitive, unsophisticated and uneducated one. A characteristic feature of underdeveloped economies is the women of the country being looked upon as second grade citizens. In most of the developed nations of the world, women are regarded and respected as able bodies and proud citizens of the country. For a community or a country to break out of the shackles of gloom and under productivity, it is essential that the women of the nation are empowered and respected. Mentioned below are 5 essential things that inspire women and bring out the best in them in this social structure which is wrongly centered towards the men folk.


Experts around the globe think that education is the most basic necessity for every human being to survive and achieve their inner potential. Education is necessary for the men and even more for the women. The basic essence of education in the lives of women is that it enables them to identify the power within themselves and rise as proud human beings in a male dominated society. Education truly empowers women as it helps them realize their rights and fight for the same one being violated. Education helps in building a voice for the downtrodden and the exploited masses so that society takes them more seriously.

A happy environment

A suitable environment for women to grow up and thrive in is considered very important in the development of women. A social structure dominated by discrimination and inequality is not considered the ideal environment for women to grow up in. The growing woman looks around for inspiration and guidance. What a woman in her forming years visualizes is essentially what she gives back to the society later.

Women achievers

The likes of Margaret Thatcher, Madame Curie, and Hillary Clinton should be upheld in the eyes of women. If they could become world leaders and brilliant scientists other women can aim to be the same. Hope is often considered the most important by-product of life. Without hope, the basic essence of a happy life is an incredible feat to achieve. Happiness lies in the attainment of goals and a safe social network otherwise known as security.


With power comes respect. Empowered women are obvious to feel respected in all social circles because her motivations ad ideals will be followed by communitydwellers at large. The same will inspire a woman to achieve a whole lot more than she has already achieved.


Men and women on being treated as equals will morally uplift the mentality of women. With the transference of power from male to female hands will come the added sense of responsibility and self respect? Thus equality based on no sexual discrimination will definitely enable and empower women to achieve the greatest of things.



  1. Brilliant and such inspiration. Thank you Lady Romp

  2. Hey Kimberly,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I was wondering if I could have you on my “Featured Stories” section. I was thinking a topic about maintaining balance for women between: motherhood, relationships, career, education, societal pressure and how to tackle it all. Also too, maybe a look into your personal story on when you didn’t think you could handle it and what you did to get through. I value your input and believe it would add great value to my blog and to my readers and potential readers. We are all trying to manage our lives and sometimes, other people’s stories can serve as a beacon of hope and guidance for others. Thank you for leaving footsteps on my blog and best wishes!

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