A Woman’s Work!!


By Kimberly Seabrooks

The Fight for Equality for Women in the Workplace

A lot has happened over the last 100 years for women in the workplace. Women are able to choose any career that they want, whether it is to choose a traditionally female orientated job, like nursing, or opt for a ‘male career’, such as engineering. The problem is men and women still aren’t quite treated equally.

It Is Harder for Women to Get a Job

There is still the view of some that a woman’s place is in the home. Even women have this view! Women are there to cook, clean and look after the children. They’re given longer time off work for maternity and it can be a problem for employers. Bosses would simply rather hire a man or give him the promotion, despite the woman being just as good.

The Fight for Pay Equality

There are also many women who, despite the law stating the contrary, are paid less than their male counterparts. They do all the same work and are expected to offer the same quality but are paid less for their work. It is harder for women to negotiate their pay rise, usually because they could fall pregnant at any time or have to take time out of work to look after their sick children.

Employers in Europe are not allowed to ask women about their plans for a family. They’re not allowed to ask about whether a woman is planning to start a family or whether she could currently be pregnant. There is the fear of discrimination should that happen. However, there are many women who choose to volunteer the information if it works in favour of the employer in hopes of getting better pay.

Is Workplace Discrimination Getting Any Better?

Despite the laws being changed, employers still have the traditional views. While they wouldn’t openly admit it, many bosses anonymously share that they would rather hire a man and will pay him more over a woman. It’s not that women can’t do the job—there are many who are much better than their male counterparts—but the risk of the woman taking time out for her family is too costly for the company.

Until the law changes where men and women can take the same amount of time out, such as couples being allowed to share leave after having a child, the situation will never become perfect. Women will always be seen as the riskier and more expensive sex.

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