Body Image!!!


By Kimberly Seabrooks

Body Image: How It Affects Women

The media is constantly showing the “perfect” body image. The truth is this is not something that really is perfect; it’s perfect for fashion designers and manufacturers but not the people of the real world. However, women—young and old—become so focused on the idea that they need to be thin to be perfect and it leads to many problems.


Teenage Girls Turn to Eating Disorders

One of the biggest issues is how so many girls and women turn to eating disorders to help them become the media’s idea of the perfect woman. They stop eating, throw up their food or do extra amounts of exercise to burn off the calories. They focus on the look instead of deciding whether they are actually healthy.


In many cases it leads to issues such as bulimia and anorexia. It’s really important for parents to talk to their daughters and discuss the public and media views of the perfect body. It’s important to focus on health and the fact that people prefer to see women with curves.


The Teeth, the Hair and Everything Else!

It isn’t just how thin or fat a woman is either! It’s everything part of her. Her teeth need to be perfectly white and straight, leading to whitening kits, bleaching and adult braces even if they’re not recommended. The hair of the perfect woman has to be a certain colour, length and thickness. The perfect woman will wear makeup and high heels and dress in a certain way.


There isn’t the chance for a woman to be herself. Those who choose to show off their own personalities are seen as outcasts, weird or freaks. These labels lead to the low self-esteems and the bullying in schools, colleges and the workplace.


What Body Image Means to Me

Personally, body image is all about being comfortable in your own skin. Nobody is perfect and if everyone was the same, the world would be a very boring place. The trick is to feeling good about yourself, while being healthy at the same time. If that means losing some weight, lose as much as you feel you need to so you look great; not so you look like the stick-thin models in the magazines!


Men still love women with curves. They want something to hold onto and someone who looks healthy. Focus on that and discuss your concerns with people close to you.




  1. songtothesirens says:

    I completely agree with your assessment of the media’s role in helping propagate a rather unhealthy view of one’s self as a woman. I have always thought that the media, fashion designers, etc. should focus more on who women are, what a “real’ woman actually looks like (and if that is tall and voluptuous, that should be fine,) and what “real” women do as opposed to some idea that they should be pretty and quiet. I, myself, am a jeans and boots with a t-shirt or tank top kind of woman. I cannot walk in high heels, and I have disliked dresses my entire life. If that turns a guy off, then whatever, I definitely did not want to know him anyway. I do like make-up and nail polish for some reason. I guess there is a girly girl in all women.

  2. Yes!!!!! we rock.

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