Please pray for the Martin family today no matter what your beliefs are. They need are prayers today.



  1. As a white middle aged man whose belief was that the state had built an imperiled case, there is no such thing as victory in a situation like this. A young man is dead and his parents will never be the same as a result of this. Trayvon Martin wasn’t a ‘thug’ as some have inferred. He was a kid whose whole life was still in front of him, the product of fine and decent people whose only wish was to see him fulfill his potential. Sadly, tragically, that will not happen. I learned of the verdict this morning, after which I unplugged from TV and the internet in order to gather my own thoughts. And in that time, I said a prayer for Trayvon Martin and his family. I think you’re right. No matter what one’s beliefs are regarding this case, the kid deserves that much. He deserved a lot more, but that was all I had.

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    Lady Romp is right. This day should not be about opinions or beliefs. It has to be about peace and unity and prayers.

  3. So sad. Prayers.

  4. I repeat. Vigilante justice as an concept will NEVER die due to the inadequacies of law enforcement. I AM TRAYVON!

  5. I am a Floridian. All this happened a few hours drive from my home. My heart goes out to Trayvon’s family. 🙂 JUSTICE will prevail, maybe not in this life. BUT it WILL!

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