Women’s News: Vintage Ladies Home Journal Ad Shows Some Interesting Stereotypes


Women and men respond differently to everything, so the sexes should have their own magazines.

At least that’s the premise of this Ladies Home Journal advertisement. According to Redditor sn0wdizzle, who posted it and deemed it “sexist,” it ran in an issue of the New Yorker sometime during the 1950s. The ad employs the tagline, “Women have a world of their own… And a magazine of their own…” and compares men and women’s reactions to various topics and events.

Another Reddit user disagreed with the original poster. “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell how this is sexist,” nomiS37 commented. “The illustrations portray stereotypes of both men and women not claiming that either is better.”

Do you think this ad is sexist? Leave us a comment below, or join the conversation on Twitter @HuffPostWomen.

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  1. Really timely article as I venture into new careers, thank you

  2. True, this ad doesn’t state that one gender is worse than the other. However, media such as this enforce gender stereotypes, keeping both men and women trapped by societal expectations.

  3. (Cont’d. from the last comment, sorry.)
    Therefore, while this ad does not indicate that men are better than women or vice versa, it can imply that acting outside of said expectations is unnatural and wrong.

  4. randalldeanscott says:

    Sexist… Yes. Hopefully there is less ignorance nowadays. Compared to then, and a sincerity void of simple political correctness.

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