The 12 Best Songs By Women 2012

The 12 Best Songs By Women 2012

A Message From The Creator

A Message From The Creator

Women’s News: I Lost Weight: Janaye Murphy Learned From Her Mom’s Health Struggles And Lost 122 Pounds

Women’s News: I Lost Weight: Janaye Murphy Learned From Her Mom’s Health Struggles And Lost 122 Pounds

Women’s News: I Lost Weight: Janaye Murphy Learned From Her Mom’s Health Struggles And Lost 122 Pounds


Name: Janaye Murphy
Age: 27
Height: 5’4″
Before Weight: 288 pounds

How I Gained It: In high school I started to gain weight. I was about 185 to 190 pounds, but I wasn’t really worried about losing weight. After high school, I would tell myself I was going to lose weight, I would even get a gym membership and make a plan to eat less — but I never went to the gym more than once and my eating habits stayed the same. A little after my 21st birthday, my mom had a stroke and I moved back home to help my dad take care of her. Most of the day I sat around the house with my mom; she had a hard time walking and didn’t get out much. I ate whatever I wanted, not worrying about what I was doing to myself. It was a really hard time in my life, and I comforted myself with food. In April 2009, we took my mom on a trip to Hawaii. I didn’t recognize myself in the photos. I got on a scale — I was 288 pounds

Breaking Point: A few months after we got back from Hawaii, my mom’s health got worse: heart problems, renal failure, diabetes, stroke and early Alzheimer’s. I just kept thinking she wouldn’t want me to end up like her and about how much I was putting myself at risk by being so overweight. At the beginning of August 2010, my mom passed away at 47. That was all the motivation I would ever need.

How I Lost It: I started working out six days a week with walking, yoga, cycling, weights and step aerobics. At first, I could only work out for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, because I would be out of breath. Sometimes I would have to stop for a few minutes and take a small break before returning to the workout, but every week I would add time and push myself to go further.

I stopped eating fast food, most processed foods and soda. Now, I try to eat all natural foods. I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body. I like to follow the 80-20 rule: 80 percent of the time I eat right, and the other 20 percent I let myself indulge. It works well for me; if I limit myself too much, I’m likely to fall back into my old habits. I’ve even helped my dad lose 100 pounds.

People alway ask me how I did it. There was no pill, surgery or diet — it was a life change that requires a lot of motivation. I eat healthy and work out to live longer. There are days when I don’t feel like working out, or I’m thinking about eating more than I should, but then I think about my mom and I know she would want me to live a long and healthy life. We fail to realize sometimes that we only get this one body, and we are only cheating ourself by not taking care of it.

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A Message From The Creator


The 12 Best Songs By Women 2012

Rihanna Launches "Nude by Rihanna"

Though 2012 might have been the year of the boy band, women in music were making plenty of waves as well.

Female artists dominated the major music award shows. Adele won six Grammys, Album of the Year (and Best British Female Solo Artist) at the BRITs and Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist at the AMAs. Beyoncé and Katy Perry were nominated for four VMAs each –- next to Rihanna’s five nominations.

Here’s our list of our 12 favorite songs released by women this year, ranging from feel-good car radio sing-along tunes to dance floor favorites to tracks made for headphones and downtime. Read through, then watch listen in the slideshow below.

“Diamonds” — Rihanna
Rihanna’s made headlines for increasingly unfortunate reasons this year, but her music is as solid as ever. The lead single from “Apologetic” reached number one in sixteen countries, and we’re not tired of it yet.

Anything from “Girl On Fire” — Alicia Keys
Though we’re not sure that anything will live up to “Songs in A Minor,” tracks from Keys’ fifth studio album — inspired by her recent marriage and giving birth to her son, Egypt — are winning us over. Keys debuted the title track live at the 2012 VMAs, and it’s set to be a big one.

“Stronger” — Kelly Clarkson
This feel-good pop anthem is already a karaoke favorite… don’t pretend you don’t know the words.

“Die Young” — Ke$ha
The tracks from Ke$ha’s sophomore album have less auto-tune than we’re used to, which is a good thing. This poppy celebration anthem has been stuck in everyone’s heads since its debut at the end of October.

“Bel Air” — Lana del Ray
Del Ray describes herself as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra” — whatever that means, we’re into it.

Anything from “Red” — Taylor Swift
Taylor had a bunch of big hits this year, including “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Sometimes we love them, sometimes we love-hate them, but they’re played so often that it would be weird not to hear them — and, yes, sing along a little.

“Good Girl” — Carrie Underwood
Underwood debuted “Good Girl” live in Nashville in 2012, and is one of our favorite uptempo songs from her.

“Emmylou” — First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit is composed of two Swedish sisters who released their second album, “The Lion’s Roar,” in January 2012. Country-inspired track “Emmylou” is filled with sweet, light harmonies.

“Primadonna” — Marina and the Diamonds
Singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis toured with Coldplay in summer 2012 to promote her new album, “Electra Heart,” filled with high-energy songs. We especially love watching this girl sing live — talk about stage presence!

“Is Your Love Big Enough?” — Lianne La Havas 
We love the title track from up-and-coming singer Lianne La Havas‘s album “Is Your Love Big Enough?,” which was named the iTunes 2012 Album of the Year.

“Wildest Moments” — Jessie Ware
Clash magazine described Jessie Ware, another performer from across the pond, as “the missing link between Adele, SBTRKT and Sade.”

“Forever” — Haim
This trio of sisters from California (what’s up with all the sister-bands this year?) are currently opening for Florence + the Machine on their UK and Ireland tour.

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