We Need Prayer Right Now

Our prayers go out to all of the children, staff and families. May God give them the courage, strength and guidance that is  needed through this difficult time.



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    I am sick at heart over this…

    • I am too Kira. What is happening in this country when the only we can do now to solve a problem is pick up a gun kill someone. My heart is aching for those little children.

  2. I can hardly grasp this event mentally. This is a good homage to these children.

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    I fight tears for my heart is so torn giving what has happened today to so many children. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I was raised to not question God but I just don’t understand how God could allow so much ugliness, horror, and death to be committed upon his children. Our babies are so innocent and are under attack. God we need you to intervene and rescue our babies, we cannot do this by ourselves.

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    In the poetic words of Tupac Amaru Shakur, “Keep Your Head Up.”

  5. Author, G. D. Grace says:

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  6. May the good Lord keep them safely in His bosom

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