Women’s News: Female Editors-In-Chief Make $15,000 Less Than Male Counterparts: Folio Survey

Here’s some discouraging news about the gender gap in media. Female editors-in-chief make $15,000 less on average than their male counterparts, according to Folio magazine’s annual survey.

The survey, which included 513 editors, found that men with the job of editor-in-chief or editorial director earned an average annual salary of $100,800. Women with the same titles got $85,100.

The pay gap was even wider at the executive editor level. Male executive editors earned an average of $84,200 while their female counterparts were paid an average of $65,700. Click over to Folio, which also looked at salaries by location and education, for the full results.



  1. As a journalist and a writer, I find this so depressing.

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