Inspiration Of Style: Michelle Obama Wears Peculiar Outfit On ‘Late Show With David Letterman’


While the Republicans took in some quality Paul Ryan and Condoleezza Rice time at the Republican National Convention, Michelle Obama decided to play hooky and ham it up with David Letterman. (Ed. note: when we grow up, we want to be the first lady.)

Making her third appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman” (she chatted with Dave about that infamous Target shopping trip in March and did Letterman’s “Top Ten List” in June), the first lady looked totally at ease and in her element. She and Dave, who seems to have taken a strong liking to Mrs. O, talked about Sasha and Malia going to summer camp, Todd Akin (whom Michelle described, essentially, as kinda stupid) and kale chips (Michelle: “They were good, Dave! They were good!” Dave: “It looks like something you’d fish out of the bottom of your lawnmower…”).

It was yet another flawless TV appearance for Michelle, except for one thing: her outfit, which we’re struggling to understand. When she first took the stage, she appeared to be wearing a black A-line dress with a flared-out hem… then she turned sideways and we saw the top half split down the side, like a long tank top pulled over a longer skirt. What’s going on here?

In any case, her charisma and that cute bow belt were enough to distract us once she sat down. Watch a clip and see some photos below — are you a fan of this FLOTUS look?

Read More And See Video:

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