Inspirational Woman Of The Day: Francine Beleyi

Inspirational Woman Of The Day: Francine Beleyi

Women’s News: Kansas Planned Parenthood Case: Judge Dismisses 26 Misdemeanor Charges

Women’s News: Kansas Planned Parenthood Case: Judge Dismisses 26 Misdemeanor Charges

News About Women: Barack Obama At BlogHer 2012 Conference: ‘The Choice Women Face This Election Could Not Be Bigger’

News About Women: Barack Obama At BlogHer 2012 Conference: ‘The Choice Women Face This Election Could Not Be Bigger’

A Message From The Creator

A Message From The Creator

A Message From The Creator

News About Women: Barack Obama At BlogHer 2012 Conference: ‘The Choice Women Face This Election Could Not Be Bigger’

Lisa Belkin

In an appearance that attendees took as recognition of their clout, President Obama addressed the more than 5,000 women at the annual BlogHer conference, which is being held in Manhattan over the next three days.

Organizers said they also approached presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney about appearing at the conference, but that only Obama accepted the invitation.

“Thank you Mr. President for the respect you are showing to voters, and to this community in particular, by being with us,” BlogHer co-founder and COO Elisa Camahort Page said in her introduction of the president.

Grinning at the cheers from a crowd he could hear but not see during his 15-minute live video address, Obama said “the choice women face right now in this election could not be bigger.” Women’s issues, such as access to contraception and health care“are front and center as they should be,” he said, while acknowledging that “I bet anyone who spends a little time at your conference would see that women are not a monolithic bloc, they are not an interest group.”

Obama spoke of policy (“Obamacare, I happily accept the term,” he said) and also spoke personally.

“I wanted to say thank you,” he told the assembled bloggers. “Like every father, I think about the role models that are out there for my daughters, and I worry about what they will run into online,” he said. “The fact that Sasha and Malia can go to places like BlogHer” and read the writings of “thousands” of thoughtful women, is reassuring as a parent, he said.

Obama also said that his policy decisions are influenced by the fact that he is the father of two daughters, and that “women make up 80 percent of my own household, if you count my mother-in-law.”

“Every decision I make is to ensure that all of our daughters, as well as all of our sons, are growing up in a country that allows them to be anything they want to be,” he said.

As he disappeared from the screen, Camahort Page and her co-founder, Lisa Stone, officially opened the conference. But first, they celebrated his appearance with a victorious hug.

“Women are the majority of voters,” Page said in an interview before the event. “Women don’t only influence others about what to buy or what to watch but also influence others on how to vote. President Obama will tell us in his own words why he is here, but that is why we worked so hard to bring him here.”

Women’s News: Kansas Planned Parenthood Case: Judge Dismisses 26 Misdemeanor Charges


OPEKA, Kan. — A Kansas judge on Thursday dismissed 26 misdemeanor charges against a Kansas City-area Planned Parenthood clinic, honoring a prosecutor’s request to further narrow a criminal case over allegations the clinic performed illegal late-term abortions.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe confirmed Thursday night that District Judge Stephen Tatum signed an order late in the afternoon at Howe’s request. Tatum’s action is noted in online court records, but without any details.

Attorneys for the Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park had requested in March to have the same charges dismissed. The clinic’s attorneys argued that the charges – covering 13 abortions in 2003 – were filed beyond a two-year deadline for pursuing charges in effect when the pregnancies were terminated.

“Basically, we don’t dispute their contention,” Howe told The Associated Press.

Howe’s predecessor as district attorney, Phill Kline, filed 107 criminal charges against the clinic in October 2007, including 23 felonies alleging that the clinic also falsified records to help cover up illegal late-term abortions. Groups on both sides of the debate described the case as the first one known in the nation in which a Planned Parenthood clinic faced criminal charges.

But in November, Tatum dismissed the 49 most serious charges, including the felonies, also at Howe’s request. Thirty-two misdemeanor charges remain, covering 16 abortions the clinic performed, also in 2003, but starting in July, when a state law took effect extending the deadline for pursuing charges to five years after an incident.

“It is indeed a tragedy that it has taken this long for these charges to be dismissed,” said Pedro Irigonegaray, a Topeka attorney representing the clinic.

The clinic still is accused of violating a Kansas law that in 2003 restricted abortions at or after the 22nd week of pregnancy if a doctor determined the fetus was viable, or could survive outside the womb. In such instances, abortions were limited to saving a woman’s life or preventing “substantial and irreversible harm” to “a major bodily function,” which could include mental health. Legislators rewrote the law last year.

For the 16 abortions covered by the remaining charges, the clinic faces one misdemeanor count each of not properly examining whether the fetus was viable and one misdemeanor count of performing an illegal late-term abortion. The clinic’s attorneys have said repeatedly it violated no laws.

The charges dismissed Thursday were 13 counts of each misdemeanor, covering abortions occurring before the change in the deadline for pursuing charges.

When that deadline hit for those abortions in July 2005, Kline, an abortion opponent, was Kansas attorney general and was locked in a legal dispute with Planned Parenthood and another abortion provider over access to key information in patients’ medical records as he investigated providers. Kline didn’t gain access until October 2006, just before losing re-election as attorney general.

Kline became Johnson County’s district attorney in January 2007 and continued investigating Planned Parenthood. He lost the August 2008 Republican primary to Howe, also an abortion opponent.

In November, Tatum dismissed 26 misdemeanor counts accusing the clinic of failing to maintain reports on individual copies of reports on individual abortions as required by law and 23 felony counts of creating false copies of such records when required to produce them in 2006, during Kline’s investigation as attorney general.


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Inspirational Woman Of The Day: Francine Beleyi

Francine Beleyi is one of the world’s rising expert in Business and Life transformation, drawing from her own and unique experience.

Born in Paris from a diplomat father and a serial entrepreneur mum (which explain both her intellectual and entrepreneurial outlook), raised in Lomé and currently living in London, Francine Beleyi is bilingual French-English. She is the founder of nucleus of change and is often referred to as a brilliant mind and truly inspiring.

Her transformational programs have helped hundreds of senior executives, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and other professionals across industries to accelerate their results at critical moments in their organisations and life, to become more innovative and to adapt to thenew business paradigm shift.

Francine focus is not merely on motivational but transformational and authentic leadership. Her Key note on ‘How to link past, present and future to create compelling stories for change TM ’is of high benefit in today’s uncertain times. She understands from own experience and helping hundreds of people what it takes to negotiate change successfully and adapt to a new environment.

Spend more than a moment with Francine you will never forget her!  Her high content speeches are energetic, positive, and inspirational and can quick start quality conversations and quality decision making. When she speaks, Francine increases dramatically your understanding and insights, gives you the tools to increase the effectiveness of your efforts so you are doing not only things right but you are doing the right things.

Francine honest and refreshing approach, her bubbly personality and ’tell-it-as-it-is’ manner are welcomed by audiences who are tired of being lectured by the book. Francine provides practical and easy steps to implement immediately and to create lasting change.

Francine is passionate about women empowerment for a greater inclusion in decision making process. She has served for 2 years in the steering committee of European Professional Women Network-London (EPWN) as head of leadership & programming for ‘High potential’ where she played a key role in the success of the network. She mentors women in business to get to the next level and has created ADIPWE, an online forum for African Diaspora Professional Women in Europe to share inspiring stories. She is a friend of Women in Diplomatic Services (WDS) in London.

Unlike most of the speakers, Francine is equipped with a holistic view of what business means in the 21st century due to her multidisciplinary background. She has worked in France, West Africa and the UK for major corporations such as TOTAL, BNPPARIBAS investment bank, AXA, CFAO, leading and supporting successfully multi-million pounds change projects but also for not-for-profit organisations and start-ups.

Francine holds a Master’s degree in organisation consulting and change management, a Bachelor degree in accounting and finance and a degree in Information systems. She isassociate member of the CIPD.

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