Inspiration Of Style: Jessica Brown Findlay

Jessica’s Style

Jessica Brown Findlay is late. But when she finally arrives, the anonymous room in Soho, here in London, becomes inundated with the magical warmth of her presence. She is somewhat puzzling: it is difficult to figure out whether her beauty is the cause or effect of such contagious enthusiasm. The enigma lingers for the entire duration of the encounter.

It is only afterwards, when the impression is settled, that the solution, perhaps more banal than predicted, appears clear: Jessica is an authentic celebration of her life. Her ascent proceeds rapidly. The important role of Lady Sybil Crawley in the successful ITV period drama Downton Abbey and then the film Albatross (2011) opened the road to a cinematographic career no longer just a promising one.

All this after a sudden stop to a completely different profession, that of a classical ballet dancer. And now she is there, on the big screen roller coaster. “As much as the experience of acting may be thrilling, I like to have moments in which my telephone is switched off and no one knows where I am: it also helps me to be a better actress”. These are words that reveal a maturity that one would not expect from a twenty-year-old, the same that is revealed in the relationship she has with her own body, and not only…

“Now I have a grown-up attitude with regards to physical and mental health. I love the softness of my figure. Doing sport is of course fundamental to have a healthy body. But nothing conventional, however: only a bit of Bikram yoga, that calms me and helps me concentrate”.

Leonardo Clausi, Vogue Italia, June 2012, n. 742, p.186


  1. I always love your “Inspiration Of Style” posts, Kim! 😀

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