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Front view of the Women In Military Service For America Memorial - Courtesy of Orion Photography

By Bob Barnard, @bobbybbarnard

Servicewomen honored at Women’s Memorial ceremony


Of the many Memorial Day ceremonies in our nation’s capital this solemn holiday weekend, the last official one honored women who have served our country in time of war.

The Women In Military Service For America Memorial is located inside the stone facade at the west end of Memorial Drive at Arlington, Va. – which was part of the original national cemetery built to honor the Civil War dead.

Monday’s ceremony was moved indoors because of the oppressive heat outside.

After presentation of the colors, there were speeches from veterans of each of the military branches.

“I am here today to represent and remember all of the women and men of the Marine Corps who have served this great nation so proudly and well,” said Col. Koreen Parry, a Marine and Iraq War veteran.

Part of the Memorial Day tradition there is the placing of rose petals into a silver bowl honoring the war dead.

“Indeed today, we remember those who’ve lost their lives for their country,” said Vice Adm. Michelle Howard of the U.S. Navy. “And we thank them. And we hope they hear us.”

Women served as nurses in the American Revolution and the war in Korea. They are veterans of the wars in Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan.

“You know, finally they’ve been recognized,” said Wilma Vaught, the Memorial Foundation Board president. “Finally, their story of service is being told. And that’s what this memorial is about.”

Vaught is a retired Air Force brigadier general and a veteran of the Vietnam War. 

“And as a career military person,” Vaught told us, “I felt that I wanted to be a part of the war that was going on during my time in the service.”

The Women’s Memorial is just 15 years old. It honors the sacrifices of Americans who have always served our country voluntarily.




  1. We were in DC 2 years ago and were able to visit this memorial. It is a beautiful tribute to our brave women. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw this memorial in 2009. I was in the Air Force for 7 years (before the memorial was built), and I was surprised at how much it touched me and made me proud.

  3. Didn’t see it when I was in DC several years ago, but it’s about time our servicewomen are honored. In fact is was a woman who recruited me into the ROTC! Peace!

  4. So glad to see this! Love your blog 🙂

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