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Moms rule! I’m a great mom because…

By Rebecca Dube

What makes you an awesome mother?

In the daily slog of motherhood, it’s often easy to see where we fall short: The messy house, the microwaved meals, the raised voices, the undone homework. And our good days, we laugh about it and remind each other that Super Mom is a myth and we’re all doing the best we can. 

But Mother’s Day is no time for modesty. Even in this self-deprecating age, sometimes you just have to brag: Moms rule. You rule. We all rule. Say it loud and proud!

All week, we’re celebrating mom heroes on TODAY Moms. We’ll start publishing the winners of our Mom Hero contest later this week (once I finish crying from reading all the amazing entries). Stay tuned for those winners, starting Wednesday.

In the meantime, check out our Mother’s Day e-cards, and send one to your favorite rockin’ mom. For inspiration, here are some of the many ways in which TODAY Moms on Facebook told us they rule. We asked, what makes you a great mom?


Unconditional love

Christy Kemp Caasi: Because i give them my whole heart with every ounce of love it holds!!!

Darla Haines Mills: When he asks why he is an only child, I tell him I got perfection on my first try. I also tell him every night just as he falls asleep that no one and I mean no one loves you more than your mommy.

Aida Ramirez: My mom (RIP) made me a great mom. My unconditional love night and day. Just the simple fact that everything I do is with my children in mind and to benefit them in every way that I can.

Gina Nierenhausen: I’m not Mother Teresa but I love those who allow me to be a part of their life. I also listen, give the best advice I can from my experiences and most importantly, I love unconditionally because that’s how I was loved by my mother. Happy Mother’s day to All Women who take on the position as a mother.

Katie Gill: What makes me a great mom is dedication to my sons and desire to make their lives the best possible. I have a special needs son who is now 4. Since his birth he has had 8 surgeries, was on a feeding tube for 2 1/2 years and after countless doctors and therapy visits, he is now starting to catch up with those his own age. I love my boys more than anything in the world and they make me a very proud Momma!


Nathalie Ratliff: Discovering that the purest joy I can experience is the genuine and pure joy of my baby girl. Then doing everything I can to nurture that in her to make her a loved, confident, happy woman one day. Remembering that I’m raising a future adult, not a baby.

Sense of humor

Nora Walsh Katzenberger: I try to have a sense of humor about the ups and downs that occur on almost a minute-by-minute basis, and I’m always open to new ideas about how I could be doing a better job.

Nicole Powers Sakaitis:I tell people God must have a sense of humor or how else would I have had a child. I remember an anecdote I read in Reader’s Digest one time, “My kids are God’s children, I just have them on loan for awhile.” I also seriously laugh when somebody says they can raise children because they have this or that degree or babysat alot. Kids don’t care about that stuff at all.

Freedom to be you and me

Tami Garcia: Allowing my children to think outside the box, and not conform. Wanting them to be happy in whatever they chose to do.

Shea Jacobs: Allowing my kids the freedom of speech and expression…without yelling of course;)


Limits and love

Jolene Redd-Lakey: I love my two daughters very much and that is why I am not afraid to tell them “no.” I refuse to raise spoiled children that will/may grow up to be spoiled adults that believe the world owes them. Don’t get me wrong, my girls have what they need to survive… and then some. But if they want a $100 pair of jeans they will have to earn it. Does that make me a hero to my girls? Maybe not right now, but I pray they will understand when they’re older that saying “no” isn’t always a bad thing.

Fighting to overcome

Alison Parson: I have a 4-yr-old son and a 5-yr-old daughter. With both of their births, I suffered from postpartum mood disorders. Depression with my first, psychosis with my second. It was very hard to deal with two babies while going through depression and psychosis, even having to be hospitalized for a period of time. But, I fought hard and fought tough so that I could overcome my mental illnesses so that I could give my children the love they deserve, and the love we all needed. It took a while to get to the point I am at now, but I love my children and couldn’t imagine not being a mother to them. They are my buddies, as I often refer to them.


  1. I actually have no words !!
    I do not feel I am a great mom at all, I wish they could get a better one.
    A mother of two, a girl aged 10 and a boy aged 8, it was a tough time for me to juggle my work and home, especially with no help from the partner. That had made me short tempered and violent at times.
    One day I realised, I was not being a good mom by being selfish about my career and, positively, gave it up the very next day. Since then, I always try to give them the best with all my energy and time, may be just to recover the lost time of their childhood….

    • I know you are doing the best you can like all of us. My son is 30 years old and I have time when I look back and I get sad because I feel like I could have done some things better. I was also thinking about my career and going to school to get as much education as possible. But, I look at my son today and he is doing well and he knows that I loved him and I did the best I could for him. Kids are tough. You are doing great!! You are a mother who cares and that is really what children need. Hang in there, it gets better.


  2. Great post. And thank you again for signing up to follow my blog. I truly appreciate it. Looking forward to following your inspirational blog.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this and showing real moms. I’m a mom, and I struggle, but it’s nice to see that there’s I’m not a failure. I could do better, but not only have I tried my best to be a good mom, I’ve also had to step up and be dad too when my husband was deployed. Am I perfect? Nope. Did I do the best I could, and then some? Absolutely. At the end of the day, I can be proud of that. Much love to you, LadyRomp, and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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