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Indra Nooyi

Homa Khaleeli

The Guardian, March 7, 2011

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Indra Nooyi

PepsiCo’s boss is keen to help women – and other minorities in the business world – up the ladder

Fortune magazine’s most powerful woman of the year in 2010 is clear about the challenges she faced in joining the handful of women at the top of the business world. “If you are a woman and especially a person of colour, there are two strikes against you,” Indra Nooyi told the audience at a lecture at Dartmouth College in 2002. “Immigrant, person of colour, and woman, three strikes against you . . . So I would work extra hard at it. More hours, yes. More sacrifices and trade-offs, yes. That has been the journey.”

The 55-year-old’s trailblazing path has taken her from what she calls a “humble middle-class” environment in South India (her father worked for a bank) to a staggering paypacket of $10.66m last year. Nooyi has done this while being a married mother of two.

For this achievement she credits, as well as nannies, help from a “matrix of relatives”. Family is so important to her, she is said to have once written to the parents of PepsiCo’s senior managers to tell them how much they had contributed to the company “through the gift of their son or daughter”.

At 23, she left India to study at Yale, working as a receptionist from midnight to 5am to help pay for her tuition. She started her career in a textile firm in India, and worked for Johnson & Johnson, the Boston Consulting Group and Motorola before joining PepsiCo in 1994.And after reaching the top, herself, she is keen to help other women – and minorities – up the ladder, by making the case for diversity in business. “There’s a lot society can do, ” she insists. “Flexitime. Leave policies when women give birth. We need women in the companies, some of the brightest candidates are women. We need to help them balance. And it doesn’t have to be government, it should be corporations” She has also spoken out for this year’s quota system at Davos, lamenting that it was just a “one-off” intiative when women should regularly make up 40 or 50% of the delegates.

Women In The News

Roll of money.

By Samantha Kimmey

WeNews correspondent

Monday, April 16, 2012

Super PAC Amasses Women’s Cash, Employs Mostly Men

Women donate the most to this Super PAC, but men get most of the payout in jobs.

(WOMENSENEWS)— One liberal-leaning super PAC is the exception to the rule that most of the new money flooding these elections is coming from men.

American Bridge 21st Century received 53 percent of its donations from women in the first quarter of 2012, the Center for Responsive Politics reported April 16. The super PAC received $865,000 from eight women; $759,000 from 13 men. 
Yet according to its own filing with the Federal Election Commission, American Bridge employs significantly more men than women. The committee paid salaries to 44 men but only 15 women in the first quarter of 2012.
That gender gap is taking a turn in the spotlight April 17 on Equal Pay Day
Overall, only about 14 percent of super PAC money has come from women.
Super PACs have spent almost $90 million on independent expenditures in the 2012 election cycle, as of April 17, 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Super PACs can spend unlimited sums of money on campaign ads and to advocate for specific candidates so long as they do not coordinate with candidates or donate to a candidate’s campaign. They were made legal by the 2010 Supreme Court decision in the case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which declared that organizations like corporations and unions had the same free speech rights as individual citizens.

Local Inspiration

Teri Huyck


Health care is a basic human right

There has been a lot in the news lately about women’s health care services and Planned Parenthood. As the chief executive for Wisconsin’s largest reproductive health care provider, serving the essential health care needs for women and families for more than 75 years, let me tell you some things you may not know.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is a nonprofit health care provider that works every day to keep women healthy by providing quality, affordable reproductive health care to our patients so they can plan for families when they are ready.

More than 97% of our services include lifesaving breast and cervical cancer screenings, birth control, sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment, education services and prenatal care referrals. Last year alone, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin served almost 80,000 patients with 54,708 annual exams, 11,192 cervical cancer screens, 63,059 STD tests and treatments and delivered 444,870 methods of birth control for our patients – the majority of whom are at or below the federal poverty level.

Every day, we supply women with the most sophisticated instrument in medicine: accurate information. We trust women to make their own responsible health care decisions. One in five women has turned to us at some point in her life for professional, nonjudgmental and confidential care.

At Planned Parenthood, we treat health care as a basic human right, dispensed freely and without judgment regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, class or age. We are dedicated to protecting women’s health and safety and defending women’s reproductive rights. Over the past 18 months, our commitment to health care access has been challenged by an unprecedented attack on women’s health care services waged by elected Republican leaders in our state and across the country.

Providing essential health care to women should not be a partisan issue. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, we all should agree that ensuring women access to health care is an important  

priority. Yet despite a historic economic recession, the Republican leaders in our state government have instead waged a war on women’s health care access since taking office in January 2011.

Gov. Scott Walker premiered this anti-women’s health agenda last spring by eliminating $1 million in funding for women’s health programs that helped 12,000 women obtain preventive care such as breast and cervical cancer screens and birth control to prevent unplanned pregnancies at Planned Parenthood. Walker followed that up with a proposal to end insurance coverage for contraceptives, cuts to advanced cervical cancer screens for low-income women and abruptly ending Planned Parenthood’s 16-year contract providing cancer screening and referral care coordination in the Fox Valley.

Earlier this month, Walker quietly signed four bills into law that repealed comprehensive sex education standards in our schools (SB 237), repealed pay equity protections for women (SB 202), banned private insurance coverage of abortion (SB 92) and added new burdensome barriers for women seeking abortion health care services (SB 306). This bill also creates criminal penalties for physicians who fail to follow legislatively prescribed medical procedures. Best medical practice should be left to doctors, and decisions about childbearing should be made by a woman – not by politicians.

Make no mistake: These ideologically directed attacks on women’s health care programs will cost women and taxpayers dearly through increases in undetected cancers and unintended pregnancies as well as increases in poverty and infant mortality rates. Despite all of this, Planned Parenthood remains focused on our priorities to provide affordable, quality and legal health care to those in need without judgment. We call on all of our legislative leaders to reverse course and do the same.


Teri Huyck is president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

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