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I was looking around my online profiles and reviewing notifications, messages, invitations, events, and trying desperately to reply to each individual with a personal message. I found that I had new audiences reading my blog and one of which was LadyRomp. Her blog talks more about the inspirational women of time such as Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Johnson (Co-founder of Bamboosa), Michele Ernsdorff (Founder of Compass to Care – a foundation is dedicated to scheduling and paying for the travel arrangements the families of children with cancer require.) and many more. In her latest entry she blogged about “Reflection On Motherhood” .

As she goes on with her story, it suddenly struck me when was the last time that I reminisced our own amazing story about the birth of my second child. It’s been seven years now since my daughter, Ayena Faith C. Encarnacion was born. At around 2:00am in the morning of April…

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Inspiration Of Motherhood

Reflections On Motherhood

Becoming a mother is such a powerful and life-changing experience. We invite you to share in five iVillager’s personal reflections on becoming a mom.
1. “I remember vividly the moment that I became a mother. Not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense. It wasn’t the moment of conception, or the day that I found out that I was pregnant. It wasn’t when I felt the first kick of my precious child’s little foot, nor was it when they lifted her and placed her in my arms, still wet and screaming after her exit from my womb. It was in a moment of blinding joy the evening after she was born.” Read more of Deana’s story.


2. “I sit here at my computer weeping at all the beautiful stories I’ve been reading. I wasn’t always this way. Babies were sweet, yes, when they were someone else’s. Then it hit me. Baby fever. No big deal, Jeff and I thought. We’d have a glass of wine and, voila, conceive. I’d always pictured myself glibly telling friends and relatives, ‘I was four months along before I even realized I was pregnant.’ Now I know that it doesn’t happen that way — at least not for us.” Read more of Robin’s story.

3. “I did not know the richness that our decision to have a baby would bring to my future. Neither could I have imagined that I would later consider pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother as some of the most pivotal events of my life; ones which would later prove to be the cornerstone of my professional, as well as personal, development.” Read more of  Gayle’s story.

4. “After being childless for so long, we were settling into a pretty self-indulgent existence with plans to retire early and travel the world. A current of sadness, however, ran through my life. Would I regret our childless life?” Read more of Peg’s story.

5. “Being a mom feels like the most important job in the entire world. In effect, I can create a masterpiece! Sure, my daughter comes with genetic material that controls more than we know, but I have the awesome ability to direct those inborn traits to their fullest potential. If I could put “mommy” on my resume, I would, because nothing has taught me as much responsibility, or given me as many new skills, as this 36-inch wonder named Annalise.” Read more of Lisa’s story.

Inspirational Woman Of The Day

Athene Donald

Emine Saner

The Guardian, March 7, 2011

Article History

Athene Donald

Donald researches unconventional areas for a physicist – such as revolutionary treatments for Alzheimer’s

Athene Donald, 57, is passionate about being a role model. “Having very visible, successful women who have not become complete anoraks is really important to keep girls doing science. They are put off it; they think they can’t have a family and be a successful scientist,” she says.

An expert in the structure of “soft” matter, Donald researches unconventional areas for a physicist – such as revolutionary treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Now professor of experimental physics at Cambridge University, she was made a dame last year. Donald is also director of the Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative at Cambridge, which mentors female scientists at the university, and is chair of the Athena Forum, which promotes women in science and technology.

A prolific blogger, she comments regularly on the challenges facing female scientists

Women In The News

Jan Babiak

Walgreens Names Jan Babiak to Board of Directors

DEERFIELD, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Walgreen Co. (NYSE:WAG) (NASDAQ:WAG) today announced that Jan Babiak, a retired managing partner for Ernst & Young, LLP, has been elected to its board of directors. Babiak, who joins the board as an independent director, becomes the board’s 12th member.

“Jan’s diverse combination of leadership roles will provide us with additional financial insight and background on a wide range of strategic and business initiatives,” said Walgreens Chairman Alan G. McNally. “Her experience serving numerous global business organizations will help to further accelerate our strategies and bring added expertise to our efforts, especially in the critical areas of IT transformation, as well as sustainability and climate change.”

Babiak has nearly 30 years of global management and board level experience. At Ernst & Young, she held managing partner and board level roles in the areas of technology, climate change and sustainability, and regulatory and public policy. She served in consulting, audit and assurance roles for a broad range of clients in the financial services, technology, energy, media, transportation, government, retail and other sectors.

Babiak was founder and managing partner of Ernst &Young’s fastest growing and most profitable UK practice, which provided IT security, transformation, program management and advisory and assurance services. With full P&L and operational responsibility, she grew the technology security and risk services practice in the United Kingdom, later adding Northern Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (NEMIA), for more than 10 years while also serving on Ernst & Young’s UK operating board.

Following her success in these roles, Babiak was appointed in 2006 to the NEMIA executive management board and as managing partner for regulatory and public policy in NEMIA, and was the board level sponsor leading all services related to climate change and sustainability across the NEMIA area.

In 2008 she created a new practice as Ernst & Young’s global leader for climate change & sustainability services, operating from the firm’s London headquarters. She was responsible for the strategy and delivery of commercially focused climate change transformation and sustainability services to clients, as well as providing coordination with government offices, regulatory bodies, national professional bodies and other stakeholders. She has led teams delivering advisory, assurance, tax and transaction services focused on clean tech, renewable energy, carbon trading, environmental policy and taxation, green building, green supply chain, carbon measurement and modeling.

Babiak joined Ernst & Young’s audit practice in Oklahoma City in 1982 after earning her bachelors of business administration degree from the University of Oklahoma that same year. She later earned an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College in Ohio in 1989. She began her Ernst & Young career serving clients in the financial services, energy, retail and manufacturing industries, then transferred to its then global headquarters in Cleveland to manage the integration of technology into the firm’s audit methodology. In 1990, she transferred to London, England, initially to lead key aspects of the post-merger integration of Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young.

Babiak is a certified public accountant in the U.S. and a chartered accountant in the United Kingdom.

After retiring from a 28-year career with Ernst & Young in 2009, she became an independent board member the following year for Logica, an FTSE 250 publicly-traded technology company headquartered in the United Kingdom, where she is audit committee chair. In 2011, she joined the governing body of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales as a council member.

Walgreens President and CEO Greg Wasson said, “With her highly-regarded experience in IT, sustainability, audit and public policy, Jan will be a tremendous resource to our board and our company. She brings an innovator’s perspective that will be valuable in our transformation to a health and daily living destination, and her commitment to diversity initiatives and active career mentoring of men and women also will be extremely important in the years ahead.”

As the nation’s largest drugstore chain with fiscal 2011 sales of $72 billion, Walgreens (www.walgreens.com) vision is to become America’s first choice for health and daily living. Each day, Walgreens provides nearly 6 million customers the most convenient, multichannel access to consumer goods and services and trusted, cost-effective pharmacy, health and wellness services and advice in communities across America. Walgreens scope of pharmacy services includes retail, specialty, infusion, medical facility and mail service, along with respiratory services. These services improve health outcomes and lower costs for payers including employers, managed care organizations, health systems, pharmacy benefit managers and the public sector. The company operates 7,847 drugstores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Take Care Health Systems is a Walgreens subsidiary that is the largest and most comprehensive manager of worksite health and wellness centers and in-store convenient care clinics, with more than 700 locations throughout the country.

Local Inspiration

Mindy Johnson, Co-Founder of Bamboosa & A Woman Making A Difference!

Congratulations to Mindy Johnson, our latest Woman Making a Difference. Mindy, Co-founder of Bamboosa, also an entrepeneur working with bamboo,  has been a source of inspiration for us since we launched Bum Boosa Bamboo Products and we wanted to share her with our community. Please check out her website www.bamboosa.com. Bamboosa sells sustainable clothing made from organic cotton and bamboo viscose.

Who is Mindy?

Mindy Johnson, Creative Development – 
Mindy has 16 years experience in graphic design, screen printing and apparel design. An award winning graphic artist and illustrator, she applies her talent in many areas at Bamboosa. Mindy’s creativity and dedication to eco-friendly alternatives has carried forward in developing best environmental practices for Bamboosa’s administrative operations.

Tell us how you became involved in the founding of Bamboosa?  And how long has Bamboosa been in business?

In April of 2005, the website for Bamboosa was launched and we were in business. The ‘we’ consisted of three partners, including myself, who had previously been involved in another company that went bankrupt due to out-sourcing.  At the previous company, I was the art director for 15 years, working with clients such as adidas, Harley Davidson, Todd Oldham and John Deere. My partners and I established our goals as being an all USA Made company, manufacturing sustainable and eco-friendly products and clothing that is comfortable, while employing as many of the local talented seamstresses as possible. One of my partners googled “softest t-shirt” and found a bamboo tee made in China. We said, “why not make them here?” and we were on our way to becoming the first bamboo clothing  manufacturer in the U.S.

Why do you think bamboo is a great alternative for textiles?

For ultimate comfort, clothes made from viscose from bamboo are wonderful because they are so soft. Along with the softness, is the fact that we have discovered that our clothing can be worn by people who often have allergic reactions to other clothing. And then there are the reasons that people choose bamboo for more ethical reasons. Bamboo is not a crop that is sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and is considered to be one of the most sustainable resources in the world. The fabric is durable, washes well, dyes easily because it is so absorbent and drapes beautifully.

Is there any one person that inspired you to become an entrepeneur?

My mother was and continues to be my inspiration. When I made the decision to become the third partner in Bamboosa, it was a huge risk for me and came at a tough time in my life. I had just lost my job as art director after doing it for 15 years, was a single mother to a young son and had recently finished chemo after being diagnosed with fourth stage metastatic cancer. I had to choose between going safe or going down a very exciting and uncharted path. My mother has always been a survivor and took a lot of brave risks in her life. She was a college professor and an actress and did not back away from risk or adventure. Her accomplishments were many and even today at 86, she continues to direct plays, is invited for public speaking engagements and teaches classes. When I feel afraid to step up, I think of her and know she would not hesitate … and I reach for my courage.

Do you think bamboo as a textile will continue to grow in popularity, and if so, why?

Bamboo will absolutely continue to grow in popularity, as there still are so many people who have never heard of it and have not had the opportunity to wear it. Once you’ve worn bamboo, it’s very easy to become somewhat addicted to the feel and comfort of it. Plus, I don’t think the amazing qualities of the fabric have all been come out yet. We get so many testimonials from customers who have discovered that this fabric keeps them cooler or warmer … or is the only fabric that doesn’t cause skin reactions for them. I think we’ve only scratched the surface on what viscose from bamboo can be used for. We keep is pretty simple here at Bamboosa, but once larger manufacturers begin to use it, the options are limitless and more and more people will be wearing and looking for it.

What are some of the challenges of being a green business?

We have many challenges as a small business, but not too many as a green business. Being green is “in” and the amount of people shopping green continues to grow everyday. I would say the real challenge is that green shoppers are very savvy and ask a LOT of questions so it’s important to have the answers and know your products well. We try to be as green as possible, but we certainly aren’t perfect and as a small business are restricted by finances. Another restriction we have is that all viscose from bamboo fiber comes from China, and is not produced at all in the U.S., so we have a lot of green shoppers who question that choice to outsource the fiber. But we manufacture all of our own fabrics and do that as well as spin the fiber, dye the fabrics and sew all of the products within the Carolinas.

What do you do in your spare time when  you are not expanding your business?

There is not much spare time! We devote so much of our time to this business and trying to make it a success, but I do have to get in some outdoor time and exercise. I practice yoga, hike, kayak, bike and this year planted an organic garden. I also love to travel, which has been somewhat restricted as a business owner. Leaving your business for more than a week takes dependable and trustworthy employees, which we are lucky to have, but I still don’t like to be away too often. I also keep my hand in graphic design and do some freelance work along with the creative work I do at Bamboosa.  Fortunately, I love what I am doing at Bamboosa and when you’re an owner you do wear a lot of hats, which keeps each work day very interesting. Our customers are very supportive of our choice to be an all USA Made company and we get a lot of repeat customers so that’s a good sign that we’re doing some things right.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote to share?

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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